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In the Village, there are eight different areas, corresponding to eight Actions which can be performed by all the players:

  • five areas with only one spot (one circle) for the Hunting, Craftsmanship, Gift, Farewell and Shamanism Actions
  • one area with two spots (two circles) for the Expedition Upgrade Action
  • and two unlimited areas for the Canoe Manufacturing and Horse Trade Actions.

Village Actions are, overall, less valuable than those of the Encountered Characters; but they save you from having to commit a Character from your hand, and give you the opportunity to get resources that you might not obtain otherwise.

They also allow you to reduce the number of Indians in your Expedition.


Discard 0 to 3 Character cards from your hand (place them face-up in the discard deck).

Then discard all the Character cards from the Journal of Encounters. The discarded cards are placed face up in the discard deck beyond the game board. Refill the Journal by drawing 5 new cards and placing them in the order drawn.

This action can be useful in order to :

  • lighten your hand and get rid of cards which have become useless

  • reveal new Character cards on the Journal, and then recruit one.

Horse Trade

Pay 3 different resources to take a Horse from the Stock. Each of the three resources must be different from the other two!

Canoe Manufacturing

Pay 2 Wood to take a Canoe from the Stock.

Expedition Upgrade

Pay 3 Wood and you have the choice to take :

either one Boat tile (which can carry resources) and 2 primary resources of your choice from the Stocks,

or one Boat tile (which can carry Indians) and 1 Indian from the Stock. If there is no Indian left in the Stock, take the tile alone.

Add this Boat to your Expedition, along with the Indian or the resources, by placing the tile next to your Expedition.

Choose carefully which side of the Boat tile will be facing up! Once those tiles are placed next to your Expedition, they cannot be turned over again.

This Boat can contain up to two resources and costs no Time during Encampment.

This Boat can contain up to five resources and costs one Time during Encampment if it contains at least one resource.

This Boat can transport one Indian and costs no Time during Encampment.

This Boat can transport up to three Indians, and costs one Time during Encampment if it transports at least one Indian.

This Action will be more useful if you perform it early in the game. Depending on your strategy (resource or Indian), you will choose either one or the other type of Boat.

Furthermore, this Action provides you 2 resources or an Indian.


Pay one Food to activate a face-up Character Action that is already on the table (one in your Playing Area or one in any other player's Area). You may do this Action only once, regardless of what Strength had been used to originally activate it.

If you copy an Action of one of your opponents, treat that card as if it were in your Playing Area, NOT that of your opponent, when calculating the rewards resulting from that Action.

The Character cards with a permanent effect, indicated by this symbol , cannot be copied.

This Action allows you to play the Action of another player's Character or to repeat an Action that you already played.

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