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Set-up proceeds in the usual way.

Th en place one of the remaining Scouts - who will be called Alexander Mackenzie - on a route space between 0 (easy level) and 7 (expert level) spaces upriver from Saint Louis.

Place the 8 resource badge tokens on the Village locations according to their backs (matching the illustrations on the board).

In the Solo game, you apply the same rules as for the multi-player game except for the two following differences:

Primary Resources Collection

In this variant, each place where an Indian is present in the Indian Village provides the resource corresponding to its resource badge.

During a collection, add up the number of badges of the resource being collected that are visible in your Playing Area and on the occupied places of the Village.

Example: Cédrick plays the Hunter with a Character card having a Strength of 3.

The Hunting and Shamanism places are occupied; they provide one Food each that is added to the Food provided by the Food badge in the Playing Area. Cédrick can therefore take 3x3 = 9 Food thanks to this Action.

Your Opponent : Alexander Mackenzie

After you have finished your turn, move the Alexander Mackenzie figure one space forward on the route. This figure is treated as a Scout.

You win the game if you manage to settle your Camp in Fort Clatsop (or beyond) before the arrival of Alexander Mackenzie at Fort Clatsop.

Example: Alexander Mackenzie was a Scottish explorer. In 1789, he set out by canoe on the river known as the Dehcho (later renamed the Mackenzie River in his honor) following it to its mouth in the hope of finding the Northwest Passage to the Pacific Ocean.

He ended up reaching the Arctic Ocean. He set out again in 1792 and crossed over the Coast Mountains.

Descending the Bella Coola river, he reached the Pacifi c coast on 22 July 1793. Thus he completed the first recorded east to west transcontinental crossing of North America north of Mexico.

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