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  • 48 numbered cards
  • 12 King Toad cards.
  • 12 King Toad-kens

Object of the Game

Be the first player to collect three King Toad-kens over a number of rounds by getting rid of all your cards.


Shuffle the deck and deal 6 cards, face down, to each player. Stack the remaining cards face down in the center of the playing area to form a draw pile. Hold your cards in your hand, secret from opponents.

The first time you play, punch out the King Toad-kens and place them in the box, within reach of all players.

Game Play

The person with the longest tongue starts the game and play continues to the left. If you're the starting player, place a number 1 card from your hand face up next to the draw pile.

This starts the play pile. The next player must play a 2 card or a King Toad card (explained below). This sequence continues, with a 3 card being played next, and then a 4 card. After the 4 card, the pattern starts over again (with the next player playing a number 1 card, and so on).

If you cannot play either the next number card in sequence or a King Toad card, you must draw one card from the draw pile. You can play it if it is the right number (or a King Toad card). If not, add it to your hand and play passes to the left.

The King Toad Card

If you do not have the next number card in sequence or if you do not want to play the next card in sequence, you may play a King Toad card.

Place the card on top of the play pile and then say out loud, "King Toad!" You are now King Toad and get to decide which number card must be played next. To get all players' attentions, first say, "Ribbit!"

Then, stick out your tongue from one to four times to indicate the next number card that you want played. Other players should count out loud each time you stick out your tongue. (Note: Stick out your tongue in such a way that the other players will easily be able to count).

To signal that you are done, say, "Ribbit!" again. At that moment, all players (except you) race to be the first to play the corresponding number card from their hands on top of the play pile. (Other players must take back their cards).

Play continues to the left of the first player to play the card. If no player could play the card then you get an extra turn and can play any number card you want from your hand. Play continues to your left.

Example: If you're King Toad and want a 3 card to be played next, say, "Ribbit", then stick out your tongue three times, and say "Ribbit" again.

Other players should count out loud together each time you stick out your tongue, "1, 2, 3".

Now, all players (except you) race to be the first player to play a 3 card on the play pile. The player to the left of whoever was first to play the 3 card takes the next turn.

Ending a Round

The first player out of cards wins the round and takes a King Toad-ken. Gather and shuffle all the cards, then deal again for a new round.

Note: You cannot play a King Toad as your last card.

End of the Game

Play rounds as above. The first player to earn three King Toad-kens wins the game.

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