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Act 1

Q: If a Barrel is on a Dock or a boat and the Shark swims through that space, does the Barrel's Motion Sensor get triggered?

A: No. Only Motion Sensors on Barrels that are floating in the water can be triggered.

Q: If Quint launches a Barrel into the Shark's space during a round in which the Shark played their Out of Sight Power Token, does the Shark still get hit with the Barrel?

A: Yes. Out of Sight only helps you avoid being detected by the Fish Finder and the Binoculars.

Q: Can Quint Launch A Barrel Into A Space That Already Has A Barrel Floating In It?

A: Yes. If the Barrel does not hit the Shark, the space will have two floating Barrels. There is no limit to the number of Barrels that can be floating in a space.

Q: If the Shark swims through a space with a floating Barrel, does the Barrel get attached to the Shark?

A: No. A Barrel is attached to the Shark only if Quint launches it into the Shark's current space.

Act 2

Q: Is it okay if two of the three Resurface cards show the same Resurface Zone?

A: Yes. The other stats on the cards will give the Shark different options. With only two Resurface Zones to choose from, it will be easier for the Crew to target the Shark.

Q: If a Crew Member targets the correct space, can they choose NOT to attack the Shark?

A: Yes. For example, a Crew Member might want to save Ammo if the Shark has a high Evade value, since a Weapon (or Ammo) is discarded only if it is actually used in an attack.

Q: Is a Melee Weapon discarded after it is used in an attack?

A: Not unless the card says to discard it. Each Crew Member has a Melee Weapon as one of their personal Gear cards which is never discarded (unless the Crew Member is eliminated).

Q: If a Crew Member uses a Pistol, do they have to target one of the Resurface Zone options?

A: No. They may target any Water Space. Because the Pistol allows the Target Token to be moved, targeting a Water Space that is adjacent to two (or even three) Resurface Zone options will increase their chances of being able to attack the Shark.

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