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Variant for 3 Players

The police have put out a press release stating they are holding a spy under arrest. According to the police, the agent is being interrogated at a secret place, and it is still too early to say anything about his identity.

With the shocking news the Ambassador declares, "I will leave no stone unturned till we have found the source of the leak..".

Inkognito is designed for 4 players, but the 3-player variant is devilishly fun, too. One of the agents' partner has been arrested. If it is your partner, you cannot achieve your mission, so you must flee the city before it's too late!

Otherwise, you must complete your mission before the police get on your tracks, too...


The figures, cards, and passport of one color are removed from the game.

To begin, the cards are distributed as in the 4-player game. However, one set of cards is put aside. The game proceeds as usual until one player either discovers that one of the other players is his partner or that he is on his own.

If you have a partner, you complete the game as in the 4-player version, with the following exception:

  • If your mission refers to the missing character, read the information as if it indicates the active player instead.

    Example: The mission for the Madame Zsa Zsa and Agent X team is to move one of their figures onto a space with Colonel Bubble (mission C-A).

    However, Colonel Bubble is not in play, so they must move one of their figures to the space with Lord Fiddlebottom.

    If you are playing without a partner, then your mission is to leave Venice by the quickest route, reaching the space marked with a small running figure on your passport.

  • Lord Fiddlebottom must get to space #5.

  • Colonel Bubble must get to space #1.

  • Madame Zsa Zsa must get to space #4.

  • Agent X must get to space #6.

Variant for 5 Players

The Ambassador is concerned about what all the spies in Venice are up to. Are their preparing some criminal misdeed?

He decides he must unmask them and reveal their identity to the police before they may complete their nefarious purpose... All the while pretending he is helping them!

In this new edition of INKOGNITO , one of the main innovations is the 5-player variant, presented here.


The game is similar to the 4-player game with the important difference that the Ambassador is played by the 5th player.

Game Turn

The Ambassador player does not use the Phantom of Prophecy. During his turn, the Ambassador player may move his figure once or twice, using any land or sea route.

When the Ambassador moves into the space with another player's figure, he may ask the player to see two identity cards or two build cards. One of the two cards must be true. Then, he sends the other player's figure to any unnumbered and unoccupied space on the board.

During the other players' turn, the black ball has the normal effect. The other players may move the Ambassador figure one space on land or water.

When an agent player uses the Ambassador figure to ask information from another agent player, that player must pass the chosen cards to the Ambassador's player first.

The Ambassador player looks at the cards, and then passes them to the player that asked the question. In this way, the Ambassador collects information about the other players every time his figure is used, not only during his own turn.

End of the Game

The goal of the Ambassador player is to know all the identities and build types of the other four players before any team completes its mission.

When he is sure he has all of the information, he declares "I know who you are..". and records the identities and builds of each player on his note sheet.

The game continues normally and, when one of the two spy teams declares "Mission Accomplished!" the Ambassador player shows his note sheet. If he correctly announces the identities and the build types of the four players, he wins the game; otherwise follow the usual 4-player rules to determine who has won the game.

In a 5-players'game, if your mission requires you to "Move the Ambassador to" a location, the mission becomes "Move one of your agents to..". that location. You may fulfill the mission using either figure with the correct build from your team.

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