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Carnival in Venice. The night is filled with cheerful jubilation, wild rejoicing, singing, laughter, and well- disguised, costumed characters scurrying through narrow alleyways.

Intermingled with the crowd in this festive atmosphere are four special characters, true masters of deception. They are capable of disguising themselves to become unrecognizable, as they sneak through the night on their secret missions.

These four masters of disguise (and one of them is YOU!) are:

Lord Fiddlebottom was already in the Secret Service back when the Service was not at all secret. A dignified character, he is a man of inestimable wealth who hobnobs with all European nobility.

He arrived in Venice on board his luxury yacht, Mata Hari II. However, the long years of leading a questionable double-life are beginning to take their effect.

This can be seen by, among other things, the constant twitch of his right eye.

Colonel Bubble has been Lord Fiddlebottom's right hand for years. He was recruited immediately upon leaving the army, where he had achieved great recognition for founding the Royal Balloon Brigade.

People say he is unshakable and, even when faced with the greatest danger, he is so cool he is visibly freezing.

In agent circles, he is known for his quick wit and for the peculiar habit of tugging on his left earlobe.

Agent X is extremely cunning, exceedingly furtive and exquisitely wicked. Nobody knows the details of his dark past, but, at the moment, he is said to be visiting Venice.

He is a consummate professional, insusceptible to influence, and absolutely ruthless.

His appearance is so bland that his contour melts if he stands in front of a colorless wall. He would be a perfect agent were it not for his compulsive frowning.

Madame Zsa Zsa claims to have been a celebrated dancer in her younger years. In reality, however, she performed as a contortionist, which may explain her twisted personality.

She is also said to have been part of some questionable business deals in which the local authorities looked the other way. In some circles, she is well known a spy and, currently, cooperating with the notorious Agent X.

She considers herself so vastly superior she often condescendingly turns up her nose at other people.

And then there is a fifth character of "the game", the nosy Ambassador. He is constantly friendly, agreeably ineffectual, and ever-present at parties.

He loves to catch bits and pieces of conversation, which he carefully jots down and stores in the safe at the embassy - right next to the super-secret mega-list (a microfilm copy of which he inexplicably always carries around in his vest pocket).

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