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The privileges may only be used by the player who has an aristocrat in the elector space of the corresponding electorate. If the elector space is empty, no player may use the privilege.

After using the privilege, the player moves the aristocrat tile to the privilege space to show that the privilege has been used. At the beginning of a new round, players move any aristocrats on the privilege spaces back to the elector spaces.

Archdiocese of Trier

The player may, in phase IV, use an action card that is normally used in phase IV, but is no longer available. He takes the action as though the card was available to take, including paying for it.

Archdiocese of Koln

The player may, in phase IV, reduce the life stage of one of his Barons or Couples by 1 life stage or increase the life stage of an opponent's Baron or Couple by 1 life stage (without paying).

Archdiocese of Mainz

The player takes, in phase V, 1 victory point.

County Palatine of the Rhein

The player may, in phase IV, place a Baron from his supply with life stage 15 on any empty aristocrat space of his choice (without paying). The normal rules for pushing knights apply.

Duchy of Saxony

The player takes, in phase I, 2 thalers.

Marquessate of Brandenburg

The player may, in phase IV, take the action card »Gray eminences placing it in his play area, and, then use the action in phase V.

Kingdom Of Bohemia

The player has, in phase VI, 2 votes in the Emperor election.

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