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Rating: 4.4 Passable
Difficulty:Very easy
Players: 2-4 players
Playing time: 10 minutes

Created by: Fred Kroll, Masatoshi Todokoro

Published by: Blue Sky Inc., Chad Valley Co Ltd., Estrela

Alternate Names: FarmVille: Das tierische Wettfuttern, FarmVille: Das tierische Wettfuttern, Feed The Frogs, Feeding Froggies, Frogs Frenzy


This children's game is as much of a toy as it is a game. Each player has a plastic hippo that is arranged around a plastic arena.

When you push the tail it will reach its head onto the playing field - perhaps trapping one or more marbles to be pulled back to a private player marble gutter, perhaps just sending marbles bouncing around the playing field.

Some marbles are released onto the playing area; players attempt to get their hippos to eat as many marbles as possible.

Retail Price:$22

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