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  • The cards the players place in their 1st rows at the start of the game have a great influence on the game. One or two high strength cards in the 1st row is a good idea, but a player who loses his strongest cards early in the game is in a weak position.

  • Although challenges can occur as early as the second round, a player is often better served to build up his forces on his side of playing field before initiating challenges.

  • From the 1st row, Medusa protects the cards in her column, but she reduces the player's ability to challenge his opponent's cards.

  • Pegasus can be used to uncover the opponent's face-down cards. Also, Pegasus is the only way to defeat Hera and Zeus.

  • By holding the hostage card (Io or Argus) in his hand, a player can keep it off the playing field and postpone its rescue, but Pegasus can still find it in his hand either directly or by finding Pandora there.

  • By playing Hera or Zeus, a player can strengthen a weak 1st row, but this is often not a good strategy early in the game.

  • The cards with mythological symbols are powerful, but when played from a player's hand, as most must be, they are immediately discarded and, thus, have only that instant effect.

  • Hero and Amazon can be important weapons against Medusa at the end of the game.

  • Pandora, with her dangerous box (the name says it all), is a very unpredictable card.

  • Games often end when a player cannot use all his action points.

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