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A warrior woman, renowned as a hunter and fighter.


The God of prophecy, music, and healing, he was the son of Zeus and Artemis'twin brother. He defeated the Python to become the God at Delphi and then spoke to Pythia, who passed his words to the people.


Argus, the all-seeing, had 100 eyes, which he used to watch over Io, whom Zeus loved. Hermes put Argus to sleep with long-winded stories so Zeus could kill him, but Hera rescued Argus at the last minute by turning him into a peacock.


The virgin goddess of the hunt, she was the daughter of Zeus and Apollo's twin sister.


These creatures - half-man, half-horse - are the sons of the union of Ixion and a cloud.


One-eyed giant of the race that built Olympus for the Gods. They were siblings of Giant.


The God of wine, he was the son of Zeus. Dionysus rescued his mother from the Underworld.


The Furies were female spirits used by the Gods to torment evil-doers.


Monstrous children of the Goddess Earth and siblings of Cyclops, the Giants could not be harmed by the Gods of Olympus but were defeated by Hercules.


The God of the dead and ruler of the Underworld, Hades was Persephone's husband. As the people feared to say his name would bring bad luck, he was often called "the invisible".


Razor-clawed, smelly birds with faces of women, the Harpies were often accused of stealing human babies.


A man of great strength and ability, who approaches each task with bravery. Fear and failure are words unknown to such a man.


Goddess of marriage, wife of Zeus, and Queen of Olympus, she and Zeus had four children. Hera was often jealous of Zeus and his rumored affairs, especially with Io. She was said to be able to take on many forms and her favorite was that of a bird.


Hydra is a monstrous many-headed sea monster. It was said that when one cut off one of its heads, two would grow to replace it.


A priestess of Hera,Io caught Zeus'eye. His love for her caused a rift between him and Hera. Hera then turned Io into a cow to hide her from Zeus and asked Argus to keep watch over her. Zeus was not fooled and used his many resources to rescue his beloved Io.


A horrible female monster with snakes instead of hair on her head.It is said that those who gazed upon her directly were turned to stone.

Some say she was slain by a clever hero who used a polished shield to reflect her image back to Medusa and turn her to stone.


The Goddess of divine retribution, Nemesis was the one woman Zeus could not influence.


She was tricked by the Gods and her own curiosity into opening a box that released all manner of ills upon the world. However, hope lay at the bottom of the box.


A winged horse that can defeat greater foes.


The daughter of Zeus and the Goddess of creation, she was abducted to the Underworld by Hades to be his wife. Later, he was persuaded to allow her to return to the Earth for half of each year, giving back Spring and Summer.


The God of the Sea and brother of Zeus and Hades. They divided creation among them: Zeus took the sky, Poseidon the water, and Hades the Underworld.


Priestess and seer of Apollo at Delphi.


Beautiful women who lured sailors to their dooms.


Supreme God of Olympus and husband of Hera. He ruled the sky but fell in love with Io. His love for Io drove a wedge between him and Hera.

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