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Each game board provides two different powers. For a game, the player will have one of the two powers only, because he will use either the front or the back of his board (selected randomly).

The 8 powers are described below: It may happen that a Taoist loses his power because of a ghost ability. He can recover it as soon as the responsible ghost is removed from his board.

Yellow Taoist

1. Enfeeblement Mantra

The yellow Taoist can bewitch Ghosts to hamper them.

Before his move, he places or moves the Enfeeblement Mantra token onto any ghost in play.

A ghost under the effect of the Enfeeblement Mantra shows a resistance reduced by 1 (a ghost with a resistance of 3 has a resistance of 2), regardless of which Taoist is performing the exorcism.

When the ghost subjected to the Enfeeblement Mantra is removed from the game, the yellow Taoist recovers the token and may use it again from the next turn on. If the monk loses his power, remove the Enfeeblement Mantra token from the game.

Particular case: when fighting against multicolored incarnations, the color of the Mantra may be chosen after the dice roll.

2. Bottomless Pockets

The yellow Taoist is never short of mystical components.

Before his move, he may take a Tao token of any color among those available in the supply.

Red Taoist

1. Dance of the Twin Winds

The red Taoist has the ability to guide his fellow monks. Before his move, he may also play one other Taoist figurine according to the move rules.

2. Dance of the Peaks

The red Taoist has the ability to fly. During his move, he may reach any village tile, not only adjacent ones.

Blue Taoist

1. Second Wind

The blue Taoist can slow down the time flow. From his current village tile, he may request twice the villager's help OR attempt two exorcisms.

These two exorcisms are independent:, which means that all dice must roll twice. The player is not allowed to allocate any die result of the first roll to the second exorcism attempt.

2. Heavenly Gust

The blue Taoist can actin a heartbeat. He may request villager's help AND attempt an exorcism in the same turn, in any order.

Green Taoist

1. Strength Of The Mountain

The green Taoist has an exceptional power. He may roll a fourth Tao die when performing an exorcism. In addition, he never rolls the Curse die.

2. Gods' Favorite

The ancestral deities accompany the green Taoist. He may roll a second time any Tao die involved in a support action or an exorcism (he may keep some of the Tao dice and roll the others).

Likewise, he may also roll the Curse die a second time. However, only the second result is taken into account.

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