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Howling Nightmare

The Taoistscan only exorcise this incarnation if the ghost place facing him on the opposite board is not occupied by a Ghost.


This incarnation must be placed on a location occupied by a Buddha figurine in order for the players to exorcise it. This can be achieved by moving this incarnation onto a Buddha, or by bringing it into play on a Buddha. The incarnation then can be exorcised according to the rules. The Buddha is replaced on the Buddha temple tile.

Note: This incarnation is the only one to be affected by Buddhas.

Death Army

This incarnation is a tormentor ghost. In addition, after its successful exorcism, the player must roll the curse die before the incarnation is discarded.

Forgotten Ones

Upon its arrival in the game and until its destruction, this incarnation prevents al Taoists from using their powers, including the neutral power tokens.


This incarnation obliges all players to discard a Tao token when it comes into play, as well as at the beginning of each Yin phase of the player who harbors this incarnation on his board. The same applies when it is a neutral board. .If a player has no Tao to discard, nothing happens for him.

Dark Mistress

Upon its arrival in the game and until its destruction, this incarnation prevents the Taoists from using Tao tokens (put the Inactive Tao marker on the board).

Creeping Horror

This incarnation captures a Tao die upon its arrival and keeps it until its destruction (keep the die on the card).

Vampire Lord

The vampire lord is simply a Haunter with a resistance of 4.

Hope Killer

This incarnation has a resistance of 8 (2 blue + 2 red + 2 green + 2 yellow). In addition, the player must roll the curse die when this incarnation is exorcised..


Resistance: 1 blue + 1 green + 1 yellow + 1 red + 1 black Upon its arrival in the game, this incarnation discards the Tao token on the "Circle of Prayer" village tile. In addition, the white side of the Tao dice no longer count for any color . They are simply ignored.

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