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Q: What if I don't have enough credits to pay my penalty at the end of a round?

A: Just return all your credits to the bank. You will start the next round (if there is one) with zero.

Q: What if I am the first to finish building, but I don't want to start out in front?

A: When you are done building, you can take any of the remaining numbers. If the first player to finish does not take tile number 1, it will be there for someone else to take.

Q: Can I decide not to use a simple engine or simple cannon?

A: No. Simple motors, simple cannons, and bonuses for aliens are always added in.

The only thing you can decide is whether to use a double engine or double cannon (and pay 1 battery token for it). (Similarly, you decide whether to use shields).

Q: Can I shoot a big meteor with a cannon in the middle of my ship?

A: Yes. Your cannon must be pointed in the right direction and be in the same column as the meteor (against a big meteor coming from ahead) or in the same row or one of the two adjacent rows (against a big meteor coming from the side).

Of course, the square in front of the cannon 's barrel must be empty; otherwise, it is an illegal ship.

Q: What if I have exposed connectors inside my ship?

A: If your ship has a hole in the middle, connectors adjacent to the hole still count as exposed connectors. They are protected from meteors, however, because the meteor will strike the first component in the given row or column.

Q: Can I decide which block, figure, or token to give up?

A: Yes. When forced to discard goods, you must discard the most expensive ones first, but when choosing between two of the same color, you decide.

When giving up crew, you decide whether to give up aliens or humans and which cabins they will come from. Similarly, you decide which batteries to use. It is recommended to first use up the parts of the ship you are most likely to lose.

Q: Can I re-arrange goods, crew, and batteries at any time?

No. The only things you can re-arrange are goods, and these can only be re-arranged when you gain new ones.

Q: What if the bank runs out of goods?

A: If the bank runs out of goods of the type you are supposed to load, you are out of luck. You don't get them. On planets, players should load goods in order, starting with the leader.

(If one player discards goods during loading, the discarded goods will be available for the players who load after).

Q: What if the bank runs out of crew figures or battery tokens?

A: In this case, look under the table. There should be enough crew figures to fill every cabin and enough battery tokens to fill every battery.

(If you find there are not enough aliens to go around, that might be because you forgot that your ship can only have one alien of each type).

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