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Speed Variant

Play a competitive real-time game! Place the mothership an equal distance away from all players (if possible). All players take all 7 of their ships. No other components are needed.

When all players are ready, yell "FLIP!" and players simultaneously start flipping their ships from the edge of the table (flipping one ship at a time). The first person to get all 7 of their ships in the mothership wins!

There are no breaks in the game, so if you miss you'll need to pick up your ships quickly from wherever they landed and keep flipping! You can flip your ships from anywhere around the table. Feel free to move around!

Replace the front piece of the mothership with the extra piece (marked with a in the lower right corner) when playing the speed variant.

Other Variants

  • When playing on Expert Level or higher especially, but as an option in any game, you do not get to re-flip ships if they land in the Atmosphere.

  • Do you find the game too easy on the Elite level? Try removing the final row from play, so that you only have three rows of enemy ships, and the mothership is just behind the third row. All other rules remain the same, and you still refill the back two rows every round.

  • An easy way to adjust the difficulty level to make it either easier or harder, is to simply change the number of times you need to hit the mothership.

    Feeling like a sharp shooter? Set the mothership to 20 health. You can also start the game with the city health marker set lower than the setup shows.

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