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Q: My ship landed on multiple enemy cards. Can I destroy them all?

A: Yes! You can attack multiple enemy ships with one flip.

Q: I landed on two different enemy cards with one ship, and both of them require two hits to destroy. What do I do with my ship?

A: Leave your ship where it is for now. If one of the enemies gets hit later, then that enemy is destroyed and you can move your ship over to the center of the other enemy card.

If during play the enemy cards get bumped and moved and you are no longer on one or both of the enemies, then your hit no longer counts toward that card.

Q: Speaking of bumping ships off of enemies, what if on my turn I land on an enemy and then with my next flip I knock my ship off?

A: In this case, you have not successfully attacked the enemy. You don't officially determine attacks until you resolve your ships at the end of your turn.

Q: I flipped my ship and it fell off the table backwards. How bad do I suck?

A: About a 12. I'll let you decide what scale that's on. But you're in luck! Since your ship went off the table backwards, it's still considered in the atmosphere. Re-flip!

Q: I tried to flip my ship, but it just kind of shot forward without actually flipping. Is that legal?

A: No. Your ship must flip at least one full rotation. The game isn't called Frisbee Ships. In this case, re-flip your ship.

Q: I have the ship ability that lets me attack a ship in the row if I land on a Moon space. I landed on an enemy ship, and 2 Moon spaces. Is that awesome?

A: Yes. That is awesome. You can attack the ship you landed on, plus a ship in each of the rows corresponding to the Moon spaces you landed on. If more than one of the attacked cards require you to leave your ship behind (double hit and/or shielded) then you'll need to decide which to attack since you can't leave your ship on them both (assuming they aren't adjacent).

Q: Do we need to wait until the Final Assault to attack the mothership?

A: No! You can attack the mothership at any time. In fact, some of the special abilities of your ships will help you do that. The final assault only happens if you haven't destroyed the mothership yet when the last enemy ship is destroyed.

Q: Does the Moon Space include the area on the right with the health tracks?

A: No. The moon spaces only include the rectangular area with the moon illustration.

Q: I have the ship power that allows me to attack if I land on a moon space. My ship landed so that it is touching both the moon space and an enemy card that requires two hits. Can I use my attack from the moon space to count as the second hit on this enemy?

A: Yes. You can use that attack on any enemy ship in that row, including an enemy that requires two hits. Since you also landed on it with your ship, that would count as two hits.

Q: I have the ship power that lets me attack adjacent enemies instead of the one I landed on. I landed on 2 enemies. Can I attack 2 adjacent enemies instead of the ones I landed on.

A: Yes. Think of each card as a separate hit. Let's say you hit cards A and B. Instead of attacking those cards you could attack a card adjacent to A and a card adjacent to B. You could not, however, attack 2 cards adjacent to A.

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