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  • Card icons will be different colors depending on where the affected card is.

    Green cards refer to cards in the Triage Area.

    Blue cards refer to cards in the Emergency Section

    Orange cards refer to cards in the Stat Section.

  • Discard a Card from the Triage Area. You may choose which card is discarded. If there are no cards in the Triage Area, this effect does not take place.

  • Lose a Die.

  • Remove a Cleared Line Tile from any Patient Card on the board. If there are currently no Cleared Line tiles on the board, then this effect does not take place.

  • Draw a New Emergency Card and add it to the appropriate area of the board, per the normal rules (Cards with a blue edge are added to the Emergency Area, and cards with an orange edge are added to the Stat Area).

    If there are no cards available in the draw deck, shuffle the discard pile and create a new draw deck.

  • This refers to the Life Support Dial in the middle of the board. Effects may cause you to turn the dial (per the example on page 10), or may allow you to choose not to turn it at the end of around.

  • Power Cube. Effects may allow you to move Power Cubes back into the Power Meter, thus gaining you more time to treat your patients. At other times you may be forced to remove Power Cubes from the Power Meter.

  • Gain an Extra Die. Note that each player has a limited number of dice available to them. If a player already has all of their dice in play when this ability is triggered, then they ignore any excess dice they would receive.

  • Players may choose any face-up card in the Emergency Area and discard it.

  • Re-roll your dice. Usually this icon refers to the re-roll track on the board, but there are times when players can earn a free re-roll. In that case they can re-roll their dice without sacrificing a die on the re-roll track.

  • No Re-rolls. When this icon is triggered, place a Lock Down Tile on the re-roll track. Players will be unable to re-roll their dice this round.

    Note: The Triage Card 'A Fresh Start' gives all players a free re-roll. That card can still be played. This icon simply blocks the re-roll track from being used.

  • Place a Cleared Line Tile on any unfinished line on any Patient Card on the board.

  • Any Die can be placed here.

  • Any Dice can be placed here, but they must have matching icons.

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