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Q: Since we start with the life support connection with the diamond and move clockwise when resolving patient cards, is it ok to completely treat a patient even after we have resolved it? For example, we are resolving the last patient card and by treating it we can place a cleared tile. By placing that we have completed another patient card. Do we activate the space connected to the life support dial even though we have already resolved this patient card?

A: Yes. Patient cards can only be fully treated and activated during the Resolve Patient Cards phase, but the order does not matter.

Resolving in clockwise order starting with the diamond connection is simply an easy way to keep track of what has been resolved. Using abilities to clear lines and treat patients can be done at any time and in any order, as long as you are still resolving patient cards.

Q: Can we use the Triage Card to place a Cleared Tile and fully treat a patient, even if we are not currently resolving the patient cards?

A: You may place the Cleared Tile, but you will not resolve the trigger for treating the patient until you are resolving the patient cards.

Q: Some lines show that all players must place, for example, a white or a green die. Do all players have to place the same color/symbol?

A: No. Each player has the choice of what to place here, independent of what the other players have placed. In your example, two players could place green and the third player could place white.

Q: We rolled the Emergency Dice, and one of the Emergency Cards that triggered is the one that says we can't use our Triage Cards this round (No Help In Sight). Can we use the Triage Card that allows us to ignore the Emergency Dice (Crisis Averted) so that card won't trigger?

A: No. This is the one time that you cannot ignore the Emergency Dice, since you already triggered the card that keeps you from using your Triage Cards. It's a good idea to pay attention to when that card is in the display, so that you can decide to use your Triage Card before rolling the dice.

Q: If we are unable to use our Triage Cards in a round, when can we start using them again? Can we use them before we Lose Power in the next round?

A: Yes. As soon as you turn the Life Support Dial the round ends. Triage Cards would then become available immediately, and you could activate them before Losing Power in the next round.

Q: I would rather not call the person who distributes the dice the Intern. Any suggestions?

A: Personally, I call them the Dice Monkey.

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