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Alternative Stages

The track tiles are double-sided, which allow for very varied setups. There are 6 suggested stages you can try, each with their own Stage card. Feel free to also create your own tracks!


If you are introducing this game to new players, consider adding a handicap:

  • All players that have already played the game can add 1 exhaustion card to both of their energy decks during setup.
  • Really experienced players can add an additional exhaustion card to both of their energy decks.


Mountains can help or hinder you, depending on how you handle them.

There are two new road types that portray mountains: Ascents (all squares with road edges) and Descents (all squares with road edges).

The Ascents add two new rules:

First, in the Movement Phase: a rider starting on, moving onto or going across any red Ascent square can never move more than 5 squares. A higher value card can be played, but its value is capped at 5 and excess moves are wasted.

If the 6th or above move would allow the rider to enter the first square of an Ascent, simply stop him on the last free lane before the Ascent starts.

Second, in the End Phase: a rider on an Ascent can never give nor receive slipstreaming to or from other riders.

The Descents add only one rule:

If a rider starts a turn on a blue Descent square, his card always counts as a minimum of 5. A lower value card can be played, but its value is always minimum 5. Slipstreaming is awarded as normal.

The road signs on the track tiles are a reminder of these rules.

Slipstreaming: Red Sprinteur does not move, because Blue Rouleur is on Ascent. Blue Rouleur does not move, because he's on Ascent and cannot gain slipstreaming. Black Sprinteur moves, because he is on Descent and slipstreaming applies normally.

Exhaustion cards are given as per normal rules.

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