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The following rule adjustments apply when playing solo:


  • Do not draw any Tiles during setup.

  • Remove the Queen and Scout Captain Cards.

  • Shuffle all remaining Captain Cards and deal 2 faceup in front of you.

  • The Winter Token is not required.

Game Play

Each turn you will be drawing 3 new Tiles to your hand. Before taking any actions, place 2 of the 3 Tiles in any order you choose.

After placing these, discard the 3rd Tile and take up to 4 actions as normal. Discarded Tiles cannot be used for the remainder of the game.

End of the Game

The game ends once there are no new Tiles left to draw. This should be exactly 16 turns. Scoring then takes place. The goal is to try beat your previous high score.


All scoring works the same, except for Captain Cards. You will only score Victoiy Points for your lowest scoring Captain Card.

For Example, if you scored 8 VP for your Hero, but only 5 VP for your Shieldmaiden, you would score 5 VP

Note on scoring Islands: Even if you only have 1 influence on an Island, you still control and score it.

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