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Deep below the shimmering surface of the Pearlbrook River, a mysterious civilization of waterfolk are waiting. You will be sending your amphibious Ambassador on diplomatic journeys to trade information and resources with the river dwellers.

In exchange, you will be gathering a new and valuable resource: pearls. Collect enough pearls and you can construct fabulous Wonders and Adornments, to make your city the pride of Everdell!

You will begin the game with a frog Ambassador, which you can use to visit one of the 4 River Destinations on the River board. Before visiting, your city will need to contain the listed requirements for that location. The first player to visit a location and reveal it will immediately gain 1 pearl, and if they can fulfill the requirements of the revealed card, have the potential to gain another pearl.

You will also begin the game with 2 Adornment cards. Each Adornment costs 1 pearl to play and grants an immediate ability, plus a unique end game bonus based on different aspects of your city.

Note: Pearlbrook adds more cards to the deck and additional complexity to Everdell. When playing Pearlbrook, it is recommended that you do not include the Legends Expansion, any Extra! Extra! cards, Rugwort cards, or any other expansion material.


  • 9 Frog Ambassadors
  • 4 New Sets of Workers
  • 4 3-D Wonders
  • 22 Mini Cards
  • 1 River Board
  • 2 Board Overlays
  • 20 Critter & Construction Cards
  • 12 River Destination Cards
  • Scorepad
  • 56 Point Tokens
  • 25 Pearls
  • Rulebook


Follow the setup rules for the normal game with these additions:

1 Place the River board to the side of the main board. Place the pearl tokens on the Shoal spot on the board.

2 Place the Wonder boards beneath the Ever Tree, covering the costs for the basic Events (the basic Events will not be used with this expansion). Place the Wonders on their spots on the boards.

3 Shuffle the River Destination Citizen cards and set aside 2 of them, unseen. Then do the same with the Location River cards. Then shuffle those 4 together, unseen, and place 1 facedown on each of the 4 spots on the River board. Also place 1 pearl on top of each of these facedown River Destination cards. Place the remaining River cards back in the box.

4 Shuffle the new cards with the <5? symbol into the deck before dealing out cards.

5 Shuffle the Adornment cards and deal 2 facedown to each player. Return the rest to the box, unseen. Players may look at these cards anytime. They do not count against the card hand limit.

6 When setting up the Special Events, use at least 1 Pearlbrook Special Event.

7 Give each player a frog Ambassador that matches the color of their workers.

The River

Your amphibious Ambassador can visit underwater locations and citizens in Pearlbrook to establish diplomatic connections with the waterfolk below. Doing so will give you valuable bonuses, most important of which are the precious pearls that you will be able to use to create Adornments and build magnicent Wonders in your city.

To visit a River card, your city must first contain the listed requirements.

River Destination Card

You must have at least 3 green Production cards in your city to visit this River Destination card. This is an exclusive location.


You may visit the Shoal instead of a River Destination card to pay 2 of any resource and discard 2 cards to gain 1 pearl. This is a shared location.

Any location with this symbol may only be visited by an Ambassador, not a worker. If visiting a River Destination card, your Ambassador is considered deployed there, just like a worker.

You will bring back your Ambassador during the Prepare for Season action with your workers. Your Ambassador may not be used as a normal worker.

River Destination Cards

The first time a River Destination card is visited, the visitor gains the 1 pearl on top of it, then flips over the facedown card. If you are able to meet the requirements on the card, you may do so to gain the listed reward(s).

You may visit any River Destination card, revealed or undiscovered, so long as you meet the listed requirements to visit and no other player is already there with their Ambassador.

River Citizens will require you to discard certain cards from your hand to gain a point token and a pearl.

River Locations will require you to pay a point token and a certain resource to gain cards and a pearl.


On your turn, you may play one of the Adornment cards you were dealt at the beginning of the game. This counts as your action on your turn. Each Adornment card costs 1 pearl to play, and does not take up a space in your city.

When played, the ability on the top half of the card activates immediately. The bottom half is how many points the Adornment is worth at the end of the game, based on different aspects of your city.

Adornment cards do not count toward your hand limit. Do not draw a new Adornment after playing one. You may play both Adornment cards you were dealt, but not both on the same turn.


On your turn, you may place one of your workers on a Wonder spot to build the Wonder. To do so, you must pay the listed amount of resources, pearls, and also discard the listed amount of cards from your hand. You cannot use any card abilites of any kind to assist in building the Wonders.

After paying the cost, take the model of the Wonder and place it beside your city. You will get your worker, that you placed to build the Wonder, back when you prepare for the season.

Any Wonders you have built are worth their listed points at the end of the game. You may build more than one Wonder. Only one player may build a specific Wonder.


Any pearls you have remaining at the end of the game are worth 2 points each.

Solo Rules

Rugwort returns! You succeded in chasing away that old Rapscallion before, and Everdell enjoyed a time of peace and tranquility. However, tales of the new riches and beauty found in Pearlbrook have lured him out from his dark haunts, and once again he is trying to claim Everdell for himself. You must stop him!

When playing the Pearlbrook expansion solo, use the solo rules from the base game, including the three years of difficulty, with these additional rules.


In addition to setting up Rugwort's crew, you will also place his Ambassador. This Ambassador is placed on a River Destination during setup. Roll the die and place his Ambassador according to the rolled number:

Rugwort immediately gains the pearl on the River Destination. Flip over the River Destination and give Rugwort another pearl. This River Destination is now blocked.

Game Play

Gameplay proceeds as normal according to the solo rules in the base game with these additions:

  • Any time you play an Adornment card, give Rugwort 5 point tokens.

  • During Rugwort's Prepare for Season actions, move his Ambassador down one space on the river (if in the last destination, move him to the first destination).

    If the new destination he is visiting is unrevealed, Rugwort gains the pearl on the River Destination. Then, flip over the card and give him 1 more pearl. If the location is already revealed, he only gains 1 pearl.

  • After you have passed at the end of the game, Rugwort will build Wonders. Rugwort only needs to pay pearls to build Wonders. He will always build the highest point-valued Wonder. It is possible for him to build more than one Wonder.

    Example: Rugwort has 6 pearls at the end of the game. You have built Starfall's Flame for 25 points , but none of the other Wonders.

    Rugwort spends 3 pearls to build Sunblaze Bridge for 20 points, and the Mistrise Fountain for 15 points. Rugwort scores the listed points for any Wonders he builds.

  • Any pearls Rugwort has left over are worth 2 points each.

Optional Additional Challenges:

  • Every Prosperity card Rugwort plays is worth 5 points instead of 3.

  • Rugwort scores 2 points for every space in your city where you have not played a card.

  • During Rugwort's Prepare for Season action, he will immediately achieve the leftmost special Event.

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