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Hero Draft

Setup Changes

Deal a random face-down Quest to each player. Each player may look at their own Quest.

Follow these steps to determine each player's Race and Class:

  1. Deal a number of Race cards equal to the number of players to a random player.

  2. Deal the same number of Class cards to the player sitting to the right of the player with the Race cards.

    3.The player with the Race cards chooses one, then passes the remaining cards to their left. At the same time, the player with the Class cards chooses one, then passes the remaining cards to their right (the opposite direction).

  3. Players continue choosing 1 card from the hand of Race/Class cards they are given and then passing, until all players have one Race and one Class card.

    In a game with an odd number of players, the player "in the middle" will end up with both sets of cards at the same time - they may review all the cards they received simultaneously in order to make their decision.

Hero Cards

Hero Construction

Setup Changes

Deal each player 2 Races and 2 Classes. Each player chooses which race and class they wish to keep, and then discards the other.

Then deal each player 2 Quests, again choosing one and discarding the other.

Dungeon Construction

Setup Changes

When dropping the starting cubes, drop all cubes EXCEPT the pillar cubes.

In Initiative order, players take turns placing X starting Pillars anywhere they want in the dungeon, until 12 starting Pillars have been placed:

  • 2 players: 3 at a time (going around the table twice)
  • 3 players: 2 at a time (going around the table twice)
  • 4 players: 3 at a time (going around the table once)

Gameplay Changes

On the first player's first turn, drop the last remaining starting Pillar during the Explore phase

Hero Rescue (Deluxe Only)

Heroes who previously attempted to traverse the dungeon have become trapped. See if you can help rescue them as you make your own descent!

Setup Changes

After determining each playerzs Race and Classz randomly select a number of unused hero meeples equal to the number o players in the game, and add them to the initial cubes to be dropped into the Dungeon.

Gameplay Changes

When you collect a hero meeple, you also take that meeplezs associated Race card from the Race deck and place it beside your own hero's Race card.

On future turns, you may choose to use that new Race card's ability rather than your own Race or Class ability.

Scoring Changes

The player who collected the most hero meeples scores 4. If tied, each tied player scores 2

Controlled Chaos

This game mode is for groups who prefer to remove all dexterity elements from the game.

Setup Changes

Remove the following cards from their respective decks before each player receives/constructs their Heroes:

  • Races: Gnome, Dark Elf, Half Orc, and Stonekin

  • Classes: Archer, Cleric, and Beastmaster.

Heroic "Teamwork" Game Mode

Intro & Setup

After your first game or two, we recommend you use this game mode for all your games.

Give each player a Hero meeple at the start of the game. Place the matching scoring tokens near the score tracker card.

Game Play

On each of the other players' turns, you may place your Hero meeple anywhere in the Dungeon at any time before the active player forms their room (if they form their room before you place your meeple, your Hero will not participate that turn!).

When the active player Loots a room, any meeples contained within or touching that room will be collected and returned to their owners.

Those players (not including the active player) move their scoring token one space on the score tracker card.

At the end of each player's turn, any uncollected meeples are removed and returned to their owners, available to be placed again during the following turn.


Each Teamwork point scores 1 at the end of the game.


Setup Changes

Players split into 2 Teams of 2 players.

The team with the lower combined initiative takes the 1 st player token. The team with the higher combined initiative takes the 2nd player token. If tied, the team with the lowest individual initiative takes the 1st player token.

All other Setup steps remain the same (each player still receives a Race, Class, and Quest card). You can look at your teammate's Quest card at any time.

Gameplay Changes

Explore: The team with the 1 st player token goes first, drawing 6 cubes from the box and dropping them in the dungeon (each player can drop 3 cubes, in any order).

Act: The active team may now use their Race/Class abilities, in any order. Once ready, they must place their meeples in a room, indicating they are finished Acting and have made their decision about which room to Loot.

Assuming you are playing with Heroic Teamwork mode, the opposing team may place their meeples in the dungeon during the active team's turn, but they must stop as soon as the active team's FIRST meeple has been placed.

Loot: The active team Loots their chosen rooms in initiative order. Any opposing team's meeples in either of these rooms score Teamwork bonuses for their respective players as normal.

Team 2 now becomes the active team and players repeat the steps above.

Weight: Each team totals their combined Treasure in their Stashes to determine their team Weight. The team with the lowest Weight takes the 1 st Player token.

The team with the highest Weight takes the 2nd player token. If tied, the team with the lowest individual initiative takes the 1st player token.

Scoring Changes

At the end of round 3, each player tallies their separate scores (including their individual Quest). Then, teams total their combined scores. The team with the highest combined score wins the game! If tied, the team with the highest individual initiative wins!

Note that this counts as a 2-player game for the Hero's Help Quest.

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