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Q: What does "outside the Dungeon boundary" mean?

A: Cubes that are not contained within or touching any possible room formation are considered outside the Dungeon boundary.

Q: Which cubes count as the "same color?"

A: Cubes that are the exact same color scheme are considered the same color. While Goblins and Trolls are both shades of green, they are not exactly the same. Keys and Chests, on the other hand, are the exact same color scheme, so they are considered the same.

Q: Do the smaller cubes work differently from the larger ones of the same color?

A: No. The size difference is only an aid for easy game setup. Once they have been dropped into the Dungeon, they are treated identically aside from any Quests that specifically reference small or large cubes.

Q: If a cube is "on the line" of a room boundary, is it considered in or out of the room?

A: If a cube is debatably on the line, then it is considered in the room. You should also consider that the line is the entire thickness of the Pillar cubes, so it's not hard to tell when you get down and look at the cubes from a "table edge view".

Q: If an ability would cause me to lose my last Health point, what happens?

A: You can never voluntarily lose your last Health point

Q: Where exactly can I drop new cubes "into the Dungeon?"

A: You can drop new cubes into the Dungeon anywhere over existing cubes, even if those cubes are considered "outside the Dungeon boundary".

Q: Heroic Teamwork: Can players move their meeples after they have placed them?

A: No. Once placed in the Dungeon, a meeple may not be intentionally moved by any player, though they may be bumped by dropped or flicked cubes.

Q: Heroic Teamwork: What happens if a player accidentally chooses a room with too many Monsters?

A: They sacrifice their turn while they shiver in fear! If the player already took cubes from the Dungeon, they must immediately re-drop them.

Q: Heroic Teamwork: Are meeples considered cubes for the purposes of Race and Class abilities?

A: No. Meeples are never considered cubes - they're meeples. For example, if a meeple is contained within the Fairie Dust ability's area, it is not redropped with the cubes.

Q: Heroic Teamwork: When exactly has a player "formed their room?"

A: To make this crystal clear, once their decision has been made we recommend the active player place their own meeple inside the room they intend to Loot. As soon as their meeple hits the table, no one else may place theirs.

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