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Prepare to delve deep into the dungeon on a seemingly endless search for fragments of the great relic.

Emerge with enough fragments to save your village, the kingdom, and perhaps the entire world!

Setup Changes

  1. Receive your Hero

    This setup step is unchanged, but one Race's ability text is changed: Hawkmyn: While moving, you may move to a room that uses 1 of the 3 Pillar tokens (rather than 2).

  2. Receive your Quest

    Before dealing yourself a Quest card, remove Hero's Help, Hoarder's Hunt, and Scout's Specialty from the deck.

  3. Drop the Dungeon

    Before dropping the Dungeon, add the Staircase cube (small black), the 2 Relic cubes (small translucent green), and your Hero meeple to the set of starting cubes (yes, you will be dropping your Hero meeple into the Dungeon!).

    After dropping the Dungeon, check that the Staircase and your Hero meeple are somewhere inside the Dungeon boundary - if they are not, re-drop them until they are.

  4. Additional

    Place the score tracker card (Solo Spelunker side up), the Relic tracker token, and the 3 Pillar tokens nearby.

Enter the Dungeon

At the start of the game, your Hero enters the Dungeon. Form a room that contains your Hero meeple. Replace that room's 3 Pillar cubes with the Pillar tokens (the cubes are removed from the game).

Note: Pillar tokens do not count as cubes, so they may not be intentionally flicked, moved, or re-dropped by any ability or game effect other than these rules.

Loot the room your Hero entered as normal.

Note: Like Pillars, the Staircase cube is never collected. Relic cubes, however, are collected like normal Treasure.

Game Play

  1. Explore

    Draw 4 cubes from the box, without looking at them, and drop them into the Dungeon somewhere over your current room (the room outlined by the Pillar tokens). Any cubes that land on top of one of the Pillar tokens are re-dropped.

    Note: If any new cubes land inside your current room, you do not automatically collect them.

  2. Act

    You may activate any one Race or Class ability. After using an ability, rotate that Race or Class card slightly, indicating that it has been used - you may not use it again until you descend to a deeper level in the Dungeon.

  3. Move

    Move your Hero meeple to an adjacent room (a room that uses 2 of the 3 Pillar tokens as Pillars).

    Swap the unused Pillar token with the new room's Pillar cube (you can either use one handzs finger or one of the Pillar cubes removed from the game earlier as a temporary placeholder while you perform the swap).

  4. Loot

    Collect all cubes within or touching the space of your current room. If the room contains the Staircase, you may choose to exit the level (refer to the Exit the Level section).

Repeat the steps outlined above until one of the following events occur:

  • There are no more cubes in the box to Explore: You have become lost in the Dungeon and lose the game!

  • You cannot move to a new room that won't kill your Hero: You have been consumed by the Dungeon and lose the game!

  • You Loot a room containing the Staircase: You may choose to exit the level (refer to the Exit the Level section).

Exit the Level

When you loot a room with the Staircase, you may choose to exit the level, proceeding as outlined in this section.

Determine Level Completion

Set aside any collected Relic pieces for now. Total your score according to the normal game rules (including your Quest), and then determine if your score meets the level's score requirement:

Relic Tracker's Current LevelLevel's Score Requirement
0 Relic pieces recovered15 + your Hero's total Health
+1 -2 Relic pieces recovered20 + your Hero's total Health
3-4 Relic pieces recovered25 + your Hero's total Health
5-6 Relic pieces recovered30 + your Hero's total Health
7-8 Relic pieces recovered35 + your Hero's total Health

If your score meets or exceeds the level's score requirement, then you have successfully completed the level (proceed to Level Completed Successfully section), otherwise you are forced to leave the Dungeon and retire from adventuring (proceed to Retirement section).

Level Completed Successfully:

You have successfully completed the Dungeon level! Proceed as follows:

  1. Increase Relic Tracker: Move the Relic tracker token up 1 space on the score tracker card for each Relic piece you collected.

  2. Level up: If you collected any Relic pieces (regardless of how many you collected), draw 1 additional Class card and add it to your Hero.

    If you collected a Huge monster (whether or not you also collected any Relic pieces), draw 1 additional Class card and add it to your Hero. These added Class cards offer you additional ability choices during the subsequent levels of the Dungeon.

    As before, each Race or Class ability can only be used once for the entire level, and only one can be used per turn.

  3. Decide to delve deeper into the Dungeon, or move on to retirement.

Delve Deeper:

Your bravery knows no bounds! Proceed as follows:

  1. Refresh Abilities: Turn all Race and Class cards upright, indicating they are available to be used again.

  2. New Quest: Discard your current Quest and draw a new one.

  3. Reset Dungeon: Clear all cubes, including any monsters or other cubes on your Race card, and drop a new Dungeon. Then proceed to Enter the new level as before.


You've enjoyed a long and eventful adventuring career, and it's time for some well-deserved rest and relaxation. But, how exactly will history remember you?

Relic Tracker's Final LevelYour Legacy
1-3 Relic pieces recoveredYou didn't save squat!
4-5 Relic pieces recoveredGood job, you saved your village from the forces of darkness.
6-8 Relic pieces recoveredYou saved the kingdom - your name will be remembered for decades!
9 Relic pieces recoveredYou have become a legend.
You saved the entire world, and your entire family
lineage will enjoy a prosperous future!

Solo Spelunker Deluxe

If you have the Kickstarter Deluxe version of the game with the various optional modules that were made available, you can spice up the Solo Spelunker game mode even further, as follows:

  • 0 Relic pieces recovered: Drop a normal dungeon, with the standard rules for the Shiny Purple cubes.

  • 1 Relic piece recovered: Add the Skeleton Skulls module to all Dungeon levels from this point forward. New Skeletons must always be dropped somewhere over the current room.

  • 2 Relic pieces recovered: Use the Deluxe version of the Shiny Purple cubes, rolling randomly at the start of each level to determine their effect, from this point forward.

  • 4 Relic pieces recovered: Add the Gelatinous Cubes module to all Dungeon levels from this point forward.

  • 6 Relic pieces recovered: Add a second Dragon cube (using the original, unprinted cube from the base game) to the Dungeon from this point forward.

Other ways you can optionally increase difficulty or further shake things up as you delve deeper:

  • Add a second set of Skeleton Skulls, assuming you own more than one set.

  • Add back in the goblins that were removed and replaced with Skeletons.

  • Add additional goblins, trolls, or dragons using versions you removed and replaced with upgraded components.

  • Add the Hero Rescue option from the Alternate Game Modes document, but with no scoring bonus at the end of the level - you do get to keep and use the rescued Hero for the remainder of the game though!

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