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Game Board

The game board is a map of the planet Dune showing four types of territories:

  • Sand: Yellow or tan with a single border.
  • Rock: Brown with double borders.
  • Strongholds: Red brown with triple borders.
  • Polar Sink: Mottled white with a double border.

Some territories are marked with a Spice Blow icon to show the locations of possible Spice Blows.

The map is also divided by longitude lines into eighteen sectors, which extend from the edge of the Polar Sink to the equator at the edge of the board. Sectors control the way the storm moves around the board.

There are six player circles around the map to help determine play order. The map also includes a Turn Track and the Tleilaxu Tanks for holding dead leaders and forces awaiting revival.

Battle Wheels

The game includes 2 Battle Wheels, which must be assembled and joined with the center pin before you play the game.

Six Player Faction Sets

Each set is composed of 5 types of components:

1 A Player Shield bearing the main character of the faction and its emblem.

2 A single or double-sided Player Sheet describing the faction character's basic and advanced game advantages.

3 Player Markers for each faction: Atreides (green), Bene Gesserit (Blue), Emperor (Red), Fremen (Sand), Spacing Guild (Orange), Harkonnen (Black).

4 5 large discs - each showing a leader and the leader's fighting strength.

5 20 small tokens called forces (starred forces have no significance in the Basic Game).

All components of each player set have the same color for identification.

Six Decks of Cards

  • Spice Deck (21 cards): Tells where Spice Blows will (21 cards) create treasure troves of spice waiting to be harvested, and when the giant sandworms known as Shai-Hulud will turn up.

  • Treachery Deck (33 cards): Provides weapons, defenses, tricks and tools to outmaneuver opponents and win battles.

  • Traitor Deck (30 cards): With 1 card for each Leader Disc, (30 cards) these are leaders from other factions that you have subverted.

  • Bene Gesserit Prediction Deck (16 cards): With 1 card for each of the 6 factions and 10 cards for turns 1 to 10, these predict who will win the game.

  • Alliance Deck (6 cards): To remind you how your Alliance (6 cards) benefits you.

  • Storm Deck (6 cards): For use with the Fremen (6 cards) advanced game advantages.

Advanced Game Components

5 Special Emperor forces

5 of the Emperor's forces are printed with a star on them. These forces are worth twice their normal value.

Kwisatz Haderach Card and Counter tokens

This card and token are used by the Atreides, and add 2 points of additional strength to a leader.

3 Special Fremen Forces

3 of the Fremen forces are printed with a star on them. These forces are worth twice their normal value.

Bene Gesserit Forces

The Bene Gesserit forces are printed with two different images to differentiate between spiritual advisor forces and normal forces.

Sandworm Token

For use with the Fremen advanced game advantage.

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