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The Basic Game is changed by increasing the number of Spice Blows, adding a spice advantage for holding a city or Tuek's Sietch, (the smuggler stronghold), an enhanced Karama Card, and an advanced battle system.

Increased Spice Flow

During every Collection Phase, each occupant of Carthag and Arrakeen collects 2 spice and the occupant of Tuek's Sietch collects 1 spice. To qualify for collection, a player needs to occupy the stronghold only at the time of collection.

If a player occupies two of these strongholds, they collect spice for each that they occupy.

Double Spice Blow

In Phase 2: Spice Blow and NEXUS, 2 Spice Cards will be revealed instead of just one, and there will be two spice discard piles, A and B.

First reveal one Spice Card.


If it is a territory, place spice in that territory normally. Then place the card face up on discard pile A.


If it is Shai-Hulud, a Nexus will occur after the following events:

  • Any spice and forces on a Territory Card at the top of discard pile A (if any) are lost to the Spice Bank and Tleilaxu Tanks. The Shai-Hulud card is placed on the spice discard pile.

  • Then another card is turned over. If it is a Shai-Hulud it is immediately discarded on pile A and another card is turned over. This continues until a Territory Card appears and spice is placed as defined above. The Territory Card is placed face up on spice discard pile A.


Then a Nexus occurs. Now reveal the second spice card and repeat the above procedure using discard pile B.

Advanced Combat

Spice now plays an important role in the combat procedure.

  • Each force used in a battle is valued at its full strength if 1 spice is expended to support it. A force used in a battle that is not supported by 1 spice is valued at half strength.

  • When creating a Battle Plan, a player must add the amount of spice they plan to expend in the battle to their Battle Wheel. If a traitor comes up, the winner does not have to expend any spice. Otherwise, spice used in the Battle Plan must go to the Spice Bank, win or lose.

When dialing a Battle Plan, one-half increments can be indicated by lining up the line between the numbers with the line under the window of the Battle Wheel. Some examples are shown to the right.

When the battle winner takes losses, the player may do so in any manner as long as it agrees with the strength dialed and the spice expended.

For example, the Emperor player has 1 Sardaukar (worth 2 forces) and 5 ordinary forces in a territory in battle. The Emperor dialed a strength of 3 and expended 1 spice.

The Emperor player wins the battle, and they may choose to lose 1 Sardaukar force at full strength (2) and 2 ordinary forces at half strength (½ + ½),

or, they may lose 1 ordinary force at full strength and 4 forces at half strength (½ + ½ + ½ + ½).

In one case, the player loses 1 Sardaukar and 2 ordinary forces. In the other case, the player loses 5 ordinary forces.

Either choice fulfills the Emperor player's spice/strength requirement.

Advanced Karama Cards

When playing a Karama Card, a player may now use it to prevent one opponent from using one of their character's advantages or they may use it to implement their character's special Karama power once.

Karama Cards

In addition to the regular Karama power, all factions except the Bene Gesserit gain unique one-time powers that can be used when the player plays a Karama Card.

When playing a Karama Card, a player may use it to prevent one opponent from using one of their faction's advantages (as in the basic game), or they may now use it to implement their faction's special Karama power once, as described below. After play, the card is discarded.

  • Atreides: You may use a Karama Card to look at any one player's entire Battle Plan.

  • Emperor: You may use a Karama Card to revive up to three forces or one leader for free.

  • Fremen: You may use a Karama Card to place your sandworm token in any sand territory that you wish. This is treated as a normal sandworm.

  • Spacing Guild: You may use a Karama Card to stop one off-planet shipment of any one player.

  • Harkonnen: You may use a Karama Card to take without looking any number of cards, up to the entire hand of any one player of your choice. For each card you take, you must give that player one of your cards in return.

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