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Treachery Cards

Q: Does the Family Atomics card have an immediate effect if blown when the Storm Marker is over Arrakeen, Imperial Basin, or Carthag?

Answer: When the Family Atomics card is used, the sector that the storm currently occupies is never affected. All appropriate sectors into which it moves will be affected.

Q:Can the Family Atomics card be used if the Shield Wall or if the adjacent territory from which the explosion is being initiated is in storm?

Answer: Yes, in both cases.

Q: Does the lasgun/shield explosion destroy the spice in the territory as well as the forces?

Answer: Yes. Please note also that all forces in the territory are lost, including those of players who were not involved in the battle.

Q: If a Karama Card is played to prevent the Atreides player from looking at Treachery Cards, does it affect just one card or all cards up for bid?

Answer: All cards up for bid.

Q: Can a Tleilaxu Ghola card allow a leader to fight in the same phase in which they were killed?

Answer: Yes, a leader revived by this card during a Battle Phase can be used in this Battle Phase.

Q: Is the Tleilaxu Ghola 5 force revival free?

Answer: Yes.

Q: In the advanced game, can a Karama Card be used to stop a player from using an advanced advantage?

Answer: Yes.

Q: In the advanced game, does the Karama sandworm called by the Fremen signal a Nexus?

Answer: No. A Nexus is signaled only by a Shai-Hulud sandworm card.


Q: Are revived leaders still subject to turning traitor?

Answer: Yes. Once a leader is a traitor they are always a traitor for the entire game even if revived.

Q: In the advanced game, can players revive leaders if other leaders have been captured by the Harkonnens?

Answer: Yes. A player can begin to revive their leaders if they don't have any of their own leaders available to play in battle (this includes Harkonnen, too).


Q: When the Fremen bring reinforcements, must they include the Great Flat when counting the two territory range from the Great Flat?

Answer: No. Never include the Great Flat when counting the two territory range.

Q: In the 2017 World Boardgaming Championship tournament rules shipping into Arrakeen or Carthag and then using ornithopters was banned. Some people think the original rules were not clear about this point. Why do you allow this in these rules?

Answer: We (the designers) have always allowed a player to ship forces into Arrakeen or Carthag and then use ornithopters. Our logic is that with the various military cultures in the Dune universe, raids prescribed by Kanly (or by opportunity for the Fremen) were common.

An invasion is a similar case in the book. A fighting force can be shipped into Carthag or Arrakeen, steal ornithopters and use them to move other forces through three territories anywhere on the board.

Q: Can a player's forces, that have moved into different sectors of the same territory at different times, move or ship as a single group?

Answer: Yes.

Q: Does a sandworm move count as the one group move allowed to the Fremen each turn?

Answer: No. In fact, the sandworm move is made in the Spice Blow Phase, after the Nexus, and not in the Movement Phase.

Q: Do sectors affect movement?

Answer: No. See response to movement question 1 (above). Sectors function to regulate the movement and effect of storms and the placement and collection of spice. They do not affect movement.

Q: If a storm is over Arrakeen or Carthag does it affect the three territory (ornithopter) move?

Answer: No, except of course, into, out of, or through the storm.

Q: If the storm separates two factions with forces in Pasty Mesa, they cannot battle and remain for the next turn (battle rules). On the next storm round, a sandworm card is drawn and a Nexus occurs. Can those two players ally? The Alliance section says allies cannot battle each other. If they can ally, how do they resolve the problem? Is one forced to use the Movement Phase to exit the territory?

Answer: Yes. If the First Player who ships and moves does not move forces out of that territory which the two allied factions occupy, the second player must... or lose those forces to the Tleilaxu Tanks.


Q: Can a player substitute a cheap hero for a weapon or defense card in order to get rid of it or must they only play it in the place of a leader?

Answer: No, a player cannot substitute a cheap hero for a weapon or defense card. It may only be played as a substitute for a leader.

Q: May the same weapon or defense card be played in more than one battle, if victorious? More than one battle in the same phase, if victorious?

Answer: Yes to both questions.

Q: Can a player's forces that have moved into different sectors of the same territory at different times battle as a group?

Answer: They must fight as a single group (if storm permits)

Q: What happens if truth trance, Bene Gesserit Voice and Atreides Prescience or some combination thereof, are being used in the same battle?

Answer: The Bene Gesserit Voice must always be used before the Atreides Prescience. Truthtrance can be played at any time in this interaction. Please note that a player has the ability to alter components of their Battle Plan, that are not affected after being Voiced, Prescienced (sic) or Truthtranced.

Q: Can a player voluntarily refuse to reveal a traitor if played against them in battle?

Answer: Yes. If your traitor appears in battle against you, you need not reveal that that leader is your traitor.


Q: Do allies pay the Spacing Guild for all of their shipments?

Answer: Yes.

Q: What is the exact rate for the Spacing Guild shipment back to their reserves-1 spice per 2 forces, or half of that?

Answer: 1 spice per 2 forces.

Q: What happens if at the end of the last turn, no one has won and the Spacing Guild are not in play?

Answer: The Fremen wins. If they are not in play, the player occupying the most strongholds wins. If several qualify, all who qualify win.

Q: In the advanced game, when reshuffling the Spice Deck, must you reshuffle the entire deck?

Answer: Yes.

Q: In the advanced game, does the Fremen get the sandworm advantage bonus if a second sandworm appears in a Spice Phase?

Answer: Yes.

Q: How does the Spacing Guild pay for an odd force shipment?

Answer: All fractional costs are rounded up. So a 5 force shipment costs the Spacing Guild 3 spice; a 1 force shipment costs them 1 spice; etc.

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