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  • Game board
  • 200 General Charades ards
  • 50 Easy Charades cards
  • 30-Second Electronic Musical Plastic Clapboard Timer/card dispenser
  • 2 Plastic Mickey Mouse feet movers
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

The team in the lead on the game board after 3 rounds of play wins! Collect cards during a round by guessing the names of the characters on them.

(These cards are worth game board spaces at the end of each round).


  1. Divide players evenly into 2 teams.

  2. Each team chooses a Mickey Mouse feet mover and places it on the game board START space.

  3. Choose 12 Charades cards to use in the game. You can choose Easy cards, General cards, or any combination of cards. Tailor the game to suit your family's movie-watching! (We recommend that you play your first game with 12 Easy cards).

    Easy cards: These yellow-bordered cards show characters that Characters that younger players should easily recognize. The younger the players, the more Easy cards you may want to use.

    (For a really easy game, play with fewer cards! You can play with as few as 6 cards).

    General cards: These blue-bordered cards show characters not so easily recognized by some younger players. The more challenging you want the game to be, the more General cards you may want to use.

  4. Shuffle your 12 chosen cards and load them into the back of the Clapboard timer/card dispenser. Be sure all cards are faceup with the Character Name in the left corner.

  5. The team with the youngest player goes first.

Game Play

Each game consists of 3 rounds of play. Teams alternate turns during each round, trying to guess character names on the cards. A round ends after all 12 character names have been guessed.

On your team's turn:

For each round of play, choose one player to be the Clue Giver. The Clue Giver tries to get his/her teammates to guess the Disney characters shown on the cards. Hint: You may want the youngest player on your team to be the Clue Giver in the first round.

If you're the Clue Giver, follow these steps on your teams turn:

  1. Start the Clapboard timer.

    Press down on the Clapboard timer arm. The 30-second musical timer will begin counting down, and a card will come out the side.

  2. Look at cards and give clues.

    Now quickly look at the character's name on the card. This is the name you must get your teammates to guess!

    Quickly give clues to make your teammates guess the name on the card. The clue-giving rules change with each round. See the Clue-Giving Rules box on this page.

    As you give clues, your teammates can shout out as many answers as they want, in any order. As soon as you hear a teammate guess correctly, place the card faceup in front of you.

    Then quickly press down on the Clapboard arm (the timer will not reset) and begin giving clues for the new card's character's name. Continue playing until Mickey Mouse says, "Times up!"

    When time runs out, reload the last unguessed card into the Clapboard timer/card dispenser, and place all of the guessed cards faceup in front of you.

  3. Move ahead on the game board.

    Count up the cards you collect during your team's turn. Then move your Mickey Mouse feet mover ahead on the game board the following number of spaces:

    • In Round 1: Move one space for each card.
    • In Round 2: Move 2 spaces for each card.
    • In Round 3: Move 3 spaces for each card.

    Wrapping around the game board: If you have more spaces to move after reaching the last game board space, just "loop around" to the first space again, as if it were connected to the last space.

Your team's turn is over. Now it's the next team's turn.

Clue-giving Rules for Each Round

Round 1 Clues: Say Anything!

Say anything you want (except the actual character's name or any word that sounds like it) to get your teammates to say a character's name.

For example, you can talk about the movie the character was in, or name his/her friends. You can move around, but don't act out anything yet!

Round 2 Clues: Say One Thing!

Give only a one-word clue for each card. (Younger players can get away with one phrase). For example, for the Bambi card you could say, "deer", "fawn" or "fire".

Round 3 Clues: Say Nothing!

Act out the character's name only - no talking allowed! For example, for the Snow White card you could point to something white, or hold up 7 fingers for the dwarfs.

Note: If there are any disputes over the clues given, the majority's decision rules.

End of the Round

On each round, teams keep alternating turns until all 12 cards have been guessed. This ends the round of play.

Beginning a New Round

Use the same 12 cards for each round of play. Shuffle and reload them faceup into the Clapboard timer/card dispenser. The team that's behind got to go first in the new round.

End of the Game

When Round 3 ends, the game is over. Take a look at the Mickey Mouse feet movers on the gameboard. If your team's mover is ahead, your team wins the game!

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