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Co-op Variant

Players may choose to play the game cooperatively. Use the hardcore side of the main objective card and do not assign secret objectives. Each player's only objective is to complete the main objective. Players cannot vote to exile a player. During setup, remove from the game every card showing the non co-op symbol on the bottom right corner of the card.


Follow the same rules as the Co-Op Variant. When setting up each player receives 7 starting item cards instead of 5 and receives 4 survivors and keeps 3 of them instead of keeping only 2 of them.

Betrayer Variant

During the setup players may choose to add only 1 nonbetrayal secret objective per player rather than 2, greatly increasing the odds of a betrayer.

Hardcore Variant

Instead of playing with the standard side of the main objective, players may choose to play the normal game but use the hardcore side of the main objective for a greater challenge.

Player Elimination Variant

Players may choose to play the game with the player elimination variant. If a player's last remaining survivor would be killed (or otherwise lost), remove from the game all cards in her hand. That player is out of the game.

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