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If your group feels the game is unfairly balanced toward one side or the other, please add these rules to taste. You may combine them in any way you want, although the rules are listed from most effective to least effective.

I. Easier For The Infected Team

Expensive Voting

All dice used in voting are submitted to the Available Resources pool after the vote. This makes voting much more expensive and managing the dice pool much more difficult for the Uninfected team.

First Is Last

During Malfunction Tasks, the player to the left of the active player is the first to choose whether they are IN or OUT, as well as the first to roll and submit dice. The active player (the one who chose the Task card) rolls and submits last. This gives Infected players an incredible advantage, as they can not only choose a dangerous Task, but then easily tank it as they will be rolling and submitting last.

Flimsy Quarantine

Quarantined players may draw and choose Task cards as normal at the end of their turn. Therefore, even if quarantined, an Infected player can still greatly influence the game by sitting in quarantine, drawing Task cards, and hopefully playing nasty ones.

Telepathic Infected (5~7 Players Only)

After the Status cards have been passed out, but before the Commander has chosen the first Event card, have all players close their eyes for 10 seconds. Designate one player to perform a slow count to 10. During this time, all Infected players may open their eyes and look at one another, identifying who their teammates are.

Deadly Events

When a completed Event card calls for tokens to be drawn, those tokens CAN end the game. This may create some un-thematic situations, where players are actively trying to fail Tasks because succeeding would mean the end of the game, but it will make it more difficult for the Uninfected team.

No More Complications

If all Infected players have revealed themselves, gather all of the Task cards together and remove all of the Complication Tasks. Shuffle and form a new Task deck that only contains Malfunction Task cards.

II. Easier For The Uninfected Team

Nerfed Reveal - Extreme

When an Infected player reveals, they are not allowed to trigger their Infection Power at all.

Nerfed Reveal - Normal

When an Infected player reveals, they may trigger their Infection Power as normal, but they are NOT allowed to roll a die to see if they may trigger their Infection Power a second time.

Safe Orders

If a player is issued an order, they may not choose REVEAL AS INFECTED as one of their actions.

Fatigued Infected

Revealed Infected players may only submit a single die during Malfunction Tasks.

Costly Actions

When performing any of the five Infection actions, the Infected player must first submit any die to the Available Resources pool. This is the 'cost' of performing an action.

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