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Uninfected Players

Find the Infected players as fast as possible and quarantine them. A quarantined Infected (or even a revealed Infected) is much less of a threat than a hidden one. If you're going into the Final Event and you haven't neutralized the Infected players yet, you're in trouble.

Dice management is an integral part of the Uninfected team's success. When the dice pool is whittled down, Tasks will end in failure more frequently and things will begin to spiral out of control much faster.

Rely on character abilities that allow you to repair without submitting dice, and lean on the ISSUE ORDER action to replenish your teammates' dice. Know when to fail a Malfunction Task on purpose in order to conserve your dice.

Infected Players

For a number of reasons, remaining hidden as long as possible is almost always the best play, even if the game seems to be going in the Uninfected team's favor. Don't reveal yourself unless you can end the game using your Infection Power.

A hidden Infected player creates doubt, paranoia, and distrust among the Uninfected team, which will result in them wasting precious actions.

If all the Infected players are revealed, the Uninfected team will become much more efficient, as they no longer have to expend energy doubting one another; they can focus solely on successfully completing Tasks and winning the game.

One of the most powerful weapons in the Infected player's arsenal is the ability to choose a Task card at the end of their turn. If the right card comes up, an Infected player can handily deal the deathblow.

A revealed Infected, however, no longer chooses Task cards in this manner. If you can, wait for the right moment to publicly fail a Task. Pay special attention to the Tasks chosen by the player to your left, as you will be the last one to contribute dice (and therefore have the most control over the outcome).

Performing a "soft" reveal like this, especially when victory is close, can put the Uninfected team on the ropes. They must now expend precious actions to quarantine you, actions they might not be able to waste.

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