Rating: 4.3 Passable
Difficulty:Very easy
Players: 2-4 players
Playing time: 10 minutes

Created by: Robert Fuhrer, Sano Takeshi, (Uncredited)

Published by: Goliath B.V., El Greco, Hasbro

Alternate Names: Chow Hound, Cocco Dentista, Cocodrilo Sacamuelas, Croc le crocodile, Crocodile Dentist Travel Edition


Don't get chomped by the cranky croc. Croc's got toothaches and a snap-happy attitude. You're his dentist - so get ready to pull a mouthful of teeth.

Use the special tooth tongs to wiggle out one Croc tooth per turn. But don't pull the one that triggers Croc's touchy temper or, Snap.

He'll growl, charge and chomp and you're out of the game. To win, be the only dentist who doesn't rile the crocodile.

Retail Price:$8

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