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  • Crocodile
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Press down on Croc's teeth and be the only player not to get "chomped"!

Getting Crock Ready

Remove the Crocodile from the plastic bag. Discard the bag. To get Croc ready to play, lift his jaw all the way up so his mouth is wide open (see below).

After he snaps down, be sure to pull his jaw up in order to reset him and to continue playing.

Game Play

The youngest player goes first. Play then continues clockwise.

On your turn, choose a tooth and press it down with your finger. Watch out... Croc could snap at any time!

  • If Croc doesn't snap after you've pressed a tooth, you're safe for now and the player on your left takes their turn.

  • If Croc's jaw snaps closed, you're chomped and out of the game!

Note: Don't forget to reset the Croc's jaw each time he snaps.

Getting Chomped

If you get chomped, you're out of the game. If more than one player remains, the game continues - so stick around for the fun!

Play continues as described above, beginning with the player to the left of the last chomped player.

End of the Game

Keep playing until only one player is left. That player wins the game!

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