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  • There is a world championship competition for Cluedo every few years.

  • Standard Clue(do) provides 324 possible outcomes, the Gift and 50th anniversary editions boost it up to 378 with the addition of a 7th weapon.

  • In an episode of Northern Exposure, the leads play a surreal game of Clue in which the man imagines the girl to be Miss Scarlet.

  • The 1963 Clue can be briefly seen in the current film Toy Story 2.

  • The United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Portugal, and Sweden all had a version of the Cluedo televsion series, but not America.

  • In an episode of the Australian show Neighbours, Brad and Beth show their feelings for each other over a game of Cluedo.

  • If you look very carefully in the toy store battle scene near the end of Gremlins you can see the 1972 edition of Clue on a shelf.

  • In several episodes of the hilarious Seinfeld, the 1992 Clue can be seen amongst the boardgames in Jerry's apartment.

  • In the Red Dwarf episode, "Queeg" Holly the computer challenges Queeg to a game of Cluedo and graciously permits him to be Col.Mustard.

  • In the film Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey, Clue is amongst the games the duo play with Death. Death loses when he fails to accuse the true killer, Miss Scarlet.

  • In the mid-nineties TV series Living Single, Queen Latifah's character, Kadijah's favorite board game is Clue.

  • The official Clue(do) website hasn't been updated since November, 1998.

  • On a "Tonight Show", host Jay Leno used the 1996 Clue in part of a gag.

  • Anthony Pratt's original Cluedo prototype contained such weapons as the bomb and hypodermic sryinge!

  • In one Sunday strip of the comic strip Robotman, Monty and Robotman play Clue.

  • In a 1980's edition of Cluedo, the characters are given the names- Dr. Claud Black, Col Frank Mustard, Mrs.Advadne Peacock, Prof. Edgar Plum, Miss Flora Scarlett, with no name given to Rev.Green.Thanks to Chris H for this fun fact

  • The 1980's Cluedo book, called Cluedo: Armchair Detective, lists names such as Rev Horatio Green, Mrs.Penelope Peacock, and Prof.Peter Plum. In the book, Plum and Peacock are siblings. Thanks to Chris H for this fun fact.

  • In 1999, Clue(do) was inducted into Games Magazine's Hall Of Fame.

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