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When you gain a perk, select one from the available face up perks. Then, if there are fewer than 3 available perks, immediately replace it with the top card from the perk deck. If you run out of perks in the deck, shuffle any discarded perks to create a new deck.

There are two kinds of perks: passive and module. Passive perks (red border) confer a constant bonus. Module perks (blue border) give you an exclusive module where you may place your workers.

They are often situational, or slightly less powerful than modules on the board, but nobody can block you from using a module perk you own. Other players don't score points off of these modules when commanding modules.

Both types provide a scoring bonus at the end of the game. Some also award points equal to the current round when you take them.

Perk Modules

  • Beggar's Alley

    Gain 2 coins AND 1 food. Each opponent may give you 1 coin or 1 food. If they do, they get 1 point.

    Game End: 9 points if you have the most food

  • Conference

    When acquired: Points equal to the current round.

    Recall any 1 of your placed workers back to your worker pool. Workers here cannot be displaced or recalled.

    Game End: 5 points

  • Dispatch

    Immediately place 2 more workers . At the end of the splicing Phase, place this worker again.

    Game End: 8 points.

  • Foundry

    Discard all modules from the Reactor and refill it (gain no benefits). Then build a module and activate it (don't move it).

    Game End: 8 points.

  • Mint

    Gain 1 coin for each gold-bordered module in the station (all modules on the board that provide coins).

    Game End: 9 points if you have the most coins

  • Morale Center

    Send any 2 placed workers to the Worker' s Lounge. Then place another worker.

    Game End: 3 points for each of your workers with at least 2 components.

  • Nonhuman Resources

    Swap one of your workers on the board with an opponent's worker on the board. This includes workers in the Worker Lounge and Splicing Lab. Both workers may trigger the effect of the place they land on, if they're able to.

    Game End: 8 points.

  • Vendor

    Gain 2 coins AND 1 food.

    Game End: 9 points.

  • Workshop

    Gain 1 coin then build any module from the discard pile and activate it ( without moving your worker to it).

    Game End: 1 point for each module tile adjacent to the Command Hub.

  • Zoning Board

    Take any available build bonus on the board. This includes build bonuses that aren't adjacent to the command modules or built modules.

    Game End: 8 points.

Passive Perks

  • Architect

    Score one extra point each time you build a module.

    Game End: 8 points.

  • Engineer

    When acquired: score points equal to the current round.

    When you refill the Reactor, take double the base Reactor rewards.

    Game End: 2 points per empty space on the Reactor track

  • Geneticist

    You may have one worker with 3 components, but no more than 2 may be of the same type.

    Game End: 2 points per research tier (with a maximum of 14 points)

  • Grappler

    When acquired: score points equal to the current round.

    Your claw workers may also displace your own workers.

    Game End: 5 points.

  • Grocer

    Whenever your leaf worker would gain food, you may instead gain that many coins +1 extra coin.

    Game End: 2 points per leaf owned (attached or in pool)

  • Investor

    Gain 1 coin OR 1 food at the beginning of every round for each modified worker you have.

    Game End: 8 points

  • Lounge Lizard

    When acquired: score points equal to the current round.

    Score 2 points whenever one of your workers reaches the Worker Lounge.

    Game End: 5 points

  • Overseer

    When acquired: score points equal to the current round.

    Your workers cannot be displaced by another player's claw worker.

    Game End: 8 points.

  • Prime Specimen

    At the end of any turn in which your tentacle worker scored points, score 1 additional point.

    Game End: 2 points per tentacle owned (attached or in pool).

  • Savant

    When an opponent commands modules, you score 1 point for each brain worker you have already placed.

    Game End: 2 points per brain owned (attached or in pool).

  • Thug

    Whenever your claw worker displaces a worker, you receive the coin or food (your choice) when it goes to the Worker Lounge instead of the owner.

    Game End: 2 points per claw owned (attached or in pool).

  • Warlord

    Whenever you get the start player marker, steal 2 coins from one opponent, or 1 coin from each opponent. Don't steal coins if the start player marker doesn't change hands (because you already possess the token or the token already changed hands this round).

    Game End: 9 points if you are start player.

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