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Once you're familiar with Chimera Station, feel free to use the B-sides of the player boards. The B-side gives you a particular faction with unique player powers, making you slightly better at certain strategies or at using one of the types of components.

You'll have a unique research track, and at the base tier you'll start the game with one attached component of your preferred type.

While the B-side player boards are fair to use against each other, they are not balanced against the A-sides.

If you're more experienced than your friends and you want to give yourself a handicap, try using the A-side while your opponents use the B-side. Just give yourself a perk of your choice from those available at the start of the game.


  • Start on tier 2.
  • Start with 1 brain worker.
  • Start with 1 perk card (take the topmost card from the draw pile).
  • Perk card at research tier 3.
  • Worker at research tier 4.
  • 6 points at research tier 8.
  • When your double brain worker uses the laboratory, do not detach a component.


  • Start with 1 leaf worker.
  • Score 2 points for every 3 food at the end of the game.
  • You may pay food instead of coins to build modules. Pay either all food or all coins, do not mix and match.
  • Double leaf workers produce 3 food at the beginning of each Feeding Phase.


  • Start with 1 claw worker.
  • Worker at research tier 4.
  • Perk at research tier 5.
  • Score 1 point for every 2 coins at the end of the game.
  • Your double claw workers may also displace your own workers.
  • When your double claw workers displace an opponent's worker, gain 1 food or 1 coin from the supply.


  • Start with 1 tentacle worker.
  • Tentacle at research tier 2.
  • Perk at research tier 3.
  • Worker and food at research tier 4.
  • Perk and component at research tier 5.
  • Perk and worker at research tier 6.
  • 3 points, 1 food and 1 coin at research tier 7.
  • 5 points and 1 component at research tier 8.
  • When your double tentacle worker commands modules or activates a perk module, gain a component of your choice from the supply (do not gain a 2nd one).

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