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  • 192 Original Illustrations
  • Spinner
  • Instructions

Game Play

Picture Charades is designed for children who are still too young to read.

It is all about being imaginative and having fun. For this reason, we do not recommend playing Picture Charades with a sand-timer, nor do we recommend playing for points. Everyone should play together on the SAME team.

The oldest player is the first actor. The role of actor must rotate between all players - every player must be an actor before the first player can take on this role again.

The actor must flick the spinner to see what category to act out - Animals, People, Indoors, or Outdoors. Then the actor takes the top card from that pile and acts out what they see.

Use the spinner to choose from four categories:

The actor now has an unlimited amount of time to act out the charade for his/her teammates. The guessing can continue until the charade is guessed correctly, or until the actor gives up.

It is very important that players be allowed to act whatever they interpret from the card. If the card has an "apple" pictured on it, but the actor is trying to have people guess the word "red", that is certainly okay. It does not really matter what was guessed, as long as the actor is happy with the answer.

Once the charade has been guessed, the card is placed at the bottom of the pile, and play moves to the next actor. Play continues until everyone has had enough fun for the day!

Players decide what answer is right.

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