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  • 150 charade cards with 450 charades
  • game die
  • sand timer
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Be the first player to collect three cards by correctly guessing three charades.


Place the deck, face down, on a table.

Game Play

The youngest person will start the game; the player to their left will tell them when time is up.

On your turn roll the game die and turn the top card over. Look at the charade that corresponds to the number that you rolled.

Note: non-reading players will select the picture that is on the card to charade- they do not roll the die.

Actions and noises are allowed when you chsrade - but no words!

The timing player turns the sand timer over.

Start to act out the charade to the player to your left. Players are allowed only one guess for each turn. If their first guess is incorrect, the next player gets to say one answer, and so on.

As soon as a player guesses correctly, that player gets the charades card to keep for scoring. Players keep guessing, in turn, until time runs out. If no one guesses correctly, the card is put on the bottom of the stack.

The player to the left of the charade giver now takes their turn acting out a charade and the player to their left will be in charge of the timer.


The first player to collect three cards wins the game.

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