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The Story

The mighty river springs from the mountains, flows through the hills and branches out through the swamp to form a delta at the sea. The river is rich in gold, which collects along the banks.

Everyone wants to build as many roads, settlements, and cities along the river as possible, to collect the valuable gold (and bonus victory points).

New Components

You will need all of the components from the regular Settlers of Catan game with the exception of 1 mountain, 1 hill, and 1 desert tile.

New Parts: 3 hex connected Great River tile, 8 Victory Point Tokens


Place the River tile so the 2 water hex sides are on the island!s edge (by the sea hexes).

Build the rest of the island using the remaining tiles.

Place the number tokens normally. Do not put a number token on the swamp hex.

The Robber begins the game in the swamp. No player may place any starting settlements adjacent to the swamp hex.

Roads may be built across the river normally.

Scenario Rules

Use all the normal rules from the basic game. The river-hill and river-mountain hexes produce ore and brick as usual.

Each road running along the edge of a river hex is worth 1 gold point (GP).

Each settlement or city situated on a corner of a river hex is worth 1 GP. A settlement or city situated on the swamp at the tip of the delta (the intersection with the gold nugget) is worth 2 GPs.

You do not receive any GPs for upgrading a river settlement to a river city).

For each 3 GPs he has, a player receives 1 victory point (VP) token.

End of the Game

The first player to reach 12 VPs wins the game.


Ships sitting on the edges of the Delta are also worth 1 GP, but only if they do not move. If your ship moves away from the Delta, you lose the GP (which can also cost you a bonus VP if it reduces your total GPs below a multiple of 3).

Increase the number of VPs required to win the scenario by 2.

Cities and Knights

Knights are worth 0 VPs, even when built on river hexes. The note about ships in the Seafarers also applies to roads removed by a "Diplomat" card.

Increase the number of VPs required to win by 2.

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