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The farmers of Catan have been taking risks lately, wagering their crops and resources for the chance to get rich quick. In Gamblers of Catan, players make bets on the craps table for the chance to win luxurious prizes such as Development cards or even Victory Points.

In addition to playing the traditional Settlers of Catan board game players may make side bets on the craps table. When making bets on the craps table, all of the normal craps table rules apply. If you don't know how to play craps…look it up.

Players begin with five chips (of their color). There is only one denomination of chips.

Bets can be made and only made before the next dice roll on each turn even if it is not that players turn. Players may opt to not make any bets. Winnings and losses are resolved before the effects of the dice are resolved (i.e. resource distribution).

Chips cannot be stolen or traded with any other player. Players cannot buy items from another player.

Only on a player's turn, during the trading phase, can a player buy Development cards, resource cards, or Victory Points and sell their resources for chips, at the values listed in the box below.

(All of these actions are considered Trades for the purposes of turn order). Players cannot sell more than three items per turn (two items if playing with the Oil Springs expansion or the Cities and Knights expansion).

ItemsBuy ValueSell Value
Wheat3 chips2 chips
Sheep3 chips2 chips
Wood3 chips2 chips
Brick4 chips3 chips
Ore4 chips3 chips
Development Cards9 chipsCannot be sold!
Victory Points15 chipsCannot be sold!

Expansion ItemsBuy ValueSell Value
All Commodities5 chips4 chips
Oil Tokens6 chips4 chips
Fish TokensCannot be bought!Cannot be sold!

End of the Game

First player to 13 Victory Points is the winner.

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