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To be played with Catan: Cities and Knights of Catan. Forced to flee the wrath of Sauron, good folks of Middle-Earth have found a fertile island to escape from war.

The island slowly grew in wealth. This attracts the forces of Sauron who plan to conquer it. Can they protect the island from the forces of Sauron?

Game Rules

Once a player achieves the requirements and selects one of the cards, the player is able to use its ability.

It is possible for the player to lose the card (for example, if the knight is the victim of an Intrigue or Betrayer card). If this happens, the card becomes available again for everyone to get.

Knight Specializations

When a player levels their knight to a Mighty Knight, they may choose one of five specializations for that knight as long as it has not been taken.

These knights have additional abilities that can be activated by spending one resource as marked in the description.

If there are no knight specializations remaining, any newly promoted knights are just normal Mighty knights.

Rider of Rohan (Wool)

Battle Charge: During your turn (even before you roll the resource dice), you move the robber to the desert. You will receive a resource card matching the resource type from where the robber had been located.

Elven Archer (Lumber)

Shoot the Robber: During any player's turn when a 7 is rolled, if you are forced to discard half your cards, you will not lose any. Otherwise, take any one resource card from the supply (before the robber is moved)

Hobbit Scout (Brick)

Burglary: Once per turn, you draw one resource/commodity card from another player's hand who has more victory points than you. The card is drawn after the dice are rolled and resource/commodity cards gained.

Ranger of the North (Wheat)

Ranging: Once during your turn, your ranger may move to any hex corner that is one corner away from any of your roads, as long as it is not occupied. This ability allows the knight to access inaccessible hexes and may block the longest road.

Dwarven Warrior (Ore)

Dwarven Defense: During the barbarian invasion, the player may choose to activate this ability. If the defenders lose, all of the player's cities will be considered Metropolises and the player will be excluded during the determination of which players' cities get destroyed.


The fame of your city has attracted the help of a wizard who rallies to your cause.

The wizard comes to the side of the first player to build the following: University: White Wizard, High Assembly: Dark Wizard, Great Exchange: Elven Wizard.

The wizard casts a spell by discarding the corresponding progress cards.

White Wizard (University)

You Shall Not Pass!!! During the player's turn, cast this spell by discarding a science progress card to send the barbarian ships back to the starting position.

Dark Wizard (High Council)

Suggestion: During the player's turn, cast this spell by discarding a politics progress card to deactivate any one knight on the board. This spell may be used more than once.

Elven Wizard (Great Exchange)

Elven Gifts: During the player's turn, cast this spell by discarding a trade progress card to receive any two resource/commodity card of the player's choice. This spell may be used more than once.

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