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This scenario is played with all of the game components of both the "Pirate Lairs" and the "Fish for Catan" mission.


Assembling the Game Board Frame

If you have the board from scenario: Pirate Lairs already set up, remove all of the starting island, green moon, and orange sun hexes and place them in separate piles. Replace the D1 sea hex with the D2 "Council of Catan" hex. Otherwise, build the frame exactly as shown in the example below.

Creating the Starting Island

Shuffle the chosen terrain hexes and place them randomly in the area of the starting island, terrain side face up. Afterwards, place the number tokens as shown in the example.

Assembling the Unexplored Areas

Remove the 2 green moon-backed and 2 orange sun-backed sea hexes from the standard hexes.

Take the following 11 green moon-backed hexes and shuffle them together: 6 standard hexes, 3 pirate lair hexes, and 2 random fish shoal hexes (don't look at the front side). Place them, green moon side up, in the northern unexplored area.

Take the following 11 orange sun-backed hexes and shuffle them together: 6 standard hexes, 2 pirate lair hexes, and 3 fish shoal hexes. Place them, orange sun side up, in the southern unexplored area.

Without looking at them, put the unused fish shoal and pirate lair hexes back into their respective bags.


Each player takes pieces as shown.

Place the "Pirate Lairs" and "Fish for Catan" mission cards and the corresponding VP cards beside the game board. Each of you places 1 of your markers on the "S" space of the mission cards.

Shuffle the 6 pirate lair tokens with their number sides face down. Place them in a stack beside the game board as shown.

Place the 6 fish hauls beside the game board.

The Council of Catan

The Council of Catan resides on an island stronghold just off the eastern shore of the starting island. This hex is considered to be a sea hex. No roads may be built on the 5 edges of this hex that border other sea hexes.

Settlements and harbor settlements cannot be built on the 4 sea-only intersections. You can build on the edge and intersections that border the starting island. A pirate ship may not be placed on this hex (it borders the starting island).

The Missions

Mission 1 "Pirate Lairs": Use all game rules as described through scenario "Pirate Lairs".

Mission 2 "Fish for Catan": To secure the population's food supply, the Council of Catan sends the players to an area where fish abound. The players' task is to locate the fish shoals and catch as many fish as possible and deliver the hauls to the docks at the Council of Catan's island stronghold.

Discovering a Fish Shoal Hex

If you discover a fish shoal hex, you immediately receive 2 gold. Note that, in addition to fish, each of the fish shoal hexes shows a result of a die roll (numbers ranging from 1 to 6).

Rolling the Die to Place a Fish Haul

During your movement phase, you may roll the die to try to place a fish haul on one of the discovered fish shoal hexes. You may make this roll before moving one of your ships or after moving one of your ships. You may never interrupt a ship's movement to roll the die. This roll can only be made once on your turn.

Roll 1 die. If the result matches any discovered fish shoal hex, take 1 fish haul from the supply and place it on this hex. However, you are not allowed to place the fish haul on a fish shoal hex if:

  • there already is a fish haul on the hex, or

  • there is a pirate ship on the hex.

If you roll the number of an undiscovered fish shoal hex, do not place a fish haul. Also, if the supply of fish hauls is depleted, you cannot roll the die for fish haul placement.

Catching a Fish Haul

You can catch a fish haul if either end of one of your empty ships points toward a fish shoal hex with a fish haul (example A). Take the fish haul from the hex and put it in your ship (example B).

A fish haul fills your ship's hold. You can't load more game pieces onto that ship until the haul has been delivered.

If you have moved your ship to a fish haul and caught it (loaded it onto the ship), you may continue moving if that ship still has movement points.

Delivering a Fish Haul

On a small island, the Council of Catan has a station with 2 harbors for unloading your fish hauls (indicated by anchor symbols). If either end of your fish haul-loaded ship points toward one of these stations, you may unload that ship.

To return the fish haul, simply return the fish haul to the supply and move your marker forward 1 space on the "Fish for Catan" mission card.

If you haven't used all of your ship's movement points yet, you may continue to move the ship after catching or unloading a fish haul.

Pirates Also Catch Fish

If a pirate ship is ever placed on a fish shoal hex that contains a fish haul, the fish haul is removed and returned to the supply. However, the pirate does not steal the cargo from adjacent ships loaded with hauls of fish.

End of the Game

You win "Fish for Catan" if you have 15 VPs on your turn.

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