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Game Components

Base Game (+ seafarers)

in addition:

  • Five fire stations in the color of each player
  • 1 token 'FIRESTORM'
  • One special victory point card 'The Fire Wardens'

Not required: robber (and pirates), development Cards, Largest Army.


Construction: normal (either base, 5-6, sailors, seafarers 5-6).

Game Play

Since there is no robber in this game, in the case of a rolled 7 the 'firestorm' becomes active. The player who has rolled the 7 may place the token 'firestorm' on a hex of his choice (exception: desert + water). As long as the token, this hex produces no resources.

Furthernore the fire expands to adjacent settlements/cities. (adjacent = anything on the same hex). The player who placed the firestorm-token may take a resource card from one player who has an unsecured settlement/city on that hex.

Additionally the firestorm expands over streets and ships. Each affected player loses a resource card to the bank for each settlement/city which directly connects to the original 'firestorm' hex via roads or ships. The player already affected doesn't have to give up a card for his first affected settlement/city, but must pay for any connected settlement/city. If the player runs out of resources before he runs out of affected settlements/cities, no debt is incurred.

You can protect your settlements/cities against such secondary ignition by the firestorm by building a fire station. The construction costs are as follows: 1 wood, 1 ore, 1 wool.

The fire station (chip) is placed under the selected village/town. Once the fire station is in place the settlement/City is considered secure. The 'firestorm' thus propagates from the original hex only to the 1st secure settlement/city.

(If the first settlement/city on the 'firestorm' hex is protected no resource card is lost to either the bank or the active player).

Explanation for the construction costs for a fire station:

  • 1 wood power is used to fabricate the ladders
  • 1 ore metal for the beamlines
  • 1 wool for weaving of fire hoses

Orange placed the 'FIRESTORM' token on the hex F. It draws a resource card from red. The fire jumps from the original Hex F. This results in:

  1. Red has lost 1 resource card on the hex: F

    Its next settlement has a fire station (white rectangle) and is therefore safe. For this and the underlying settlement/City he must give nothing.

  2. Blue needs to pay 1 resource card (hex F) and 2 more since no settlement/City has a fire station. Since he only has 2 cards and he needs 3 he only needs to (can only) pay 2 cards to the bank.

If a player has three fire stations or more, he shall receive the special card 'The Fire Wardens' (+2 VPs). This card may be taken by anyone who ends up with more fire station than the original holder of the card (like Longest Road etc).

End of the Game

The first player to have 10 Victory Points during their turn wins.

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