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The climate is changing, the land is bleeding out. The territories on the home island gradually run out of resources and the island becomes barren. Settlements and cities get isolated and disappear off the map.

Because of this the Settlers of Catan decide to colonize new lands.


The board is set up as shown above.

In addition to the basic set you need sufficient number of chips (see "desolation") and two special victory points.

Foundation Phase

You build two settlements, as usual, but you may only build on the northern island ("home island"). One of the settlements must be built on the coast.

Game Play

The Pirate is not in the game.

Whenever a hex is devalued (see below), the robber goes back to the desert.

When a player builds a settlment or a city, they put the robber back to a desert and select two hexes on the island, whose numbers chips they devalue by a probability level (e.g.: A 6 to 5, a 9 is to the 10 etc)..

When you select these landscapes, follow these rules:

  • As long as it is possible, one of the two hexes should be one where the player themself has a settlement or city.

  • As long as possible, hexes which must be devalued also must have settlements or cities. Only when all those fields are "abandoned", are undeveloped hexes then devalued.

  • If a hex to be devalued is a 2 or a 12, it will be desertified. The hex is flipped, the number chit removed.

  • If all the hexes around a road, settlement or city are desolate then it is considered "isolated". These roads, settlements and cities are removed from the board and given back to thier owners for re-use. Roads, settlements and cities of costal areas do not become "isolated" but will no longer generate resources.

New World

The first player to build two settlements in the "New World "(the southern island), receives a Special victory point.

The first player to build a city in the "New World" (the southern island), receives a Special victory point.

The world is round! Half the water on hexes of the northern and southern edges are together one hex.

End of the Game

The first player to have 12 or more victory points during their turn wins.

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