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In the Co-op version of Castle Panic, players still work together to defend the Castle.

They will all either win or lose as a team, but there is no Master Slayer.

The rules are the same as the Standard game except players do not keep trophies of Monsters they have slayed. Instead, all slayed Monsters are placed into the Monster discard pile.


In this version of the game, one player becomes the Overlord and takes command of the Monsters while the other players work together to defend the Castle.

Choose a player to become the Overlord. Setup is the same as the Standard game except the Overlord player does not receive any cards since he or she will be working against the Castle players. Instead he or she draws a hand of 3 Monster tokens and keeps them hidden from the Castle players.

The Overlord player's turn consists of these 3 steps in this order.

  1. Move Monsters
  2. Draw up to a hand of 3 Monster tokens
  3. Play Monster tokens

The Overlord takes his or her turn at the end of each Castle player's turn, replacing phases 5 and 6 of that Castle player's turn. After a Castle player has played their cards in phase 4, that Castle player's turn ends.

The Overlord player's turn now begins. The Overlord moves the monsters on the board and then draws Monster tokens until he or she has 3 in his or her hand. Now, the Overlord can play Monster tokens in one of two ways.

  1. Choose 1 Monster from their hand and place it in any arc of the Forest ring he or she chooses. Or

  2. Choose 2 Monsters, 2 Monster Effects tokens, or 1 of each from his or her hand. Roll the die for each Monster, placing them in the numbered arc of the Forest ring that matches the number rolled, and resolve the Monster Effects tokens as usual.

    • The Overlord can play up to 2 tokens normally, but he or she does not have to play any tokens if he or she chooses not to.

    • The Overlord cannot choose which arc Giant Boulders start in. He or she must roll the die as usual.

    • When the Overlord plays either the Draw 3 Monster tokens or Draw 4 Monster tokens token, he or she draws that number of tokens and adds them to his or her hand.

      The Overlord can then play that same number of tokens, but they do NOT need to be the same tokens that were just drawn. This is the only way the Overlord can play more than the usual 2 tokens on his or her turn.

      Any Monsters that are placed at this time MUST be placed randomly by rolling the die. The Overlord cannot choose their starting place.

    • The Castle card Missing prevents the Overlord from drawing or playing any Monster tokens, but any Monsters on the board are still moved.

Solitaire Game

Castle Panic can even be played as a solo game by just one player.

All the standard rules apply to the solitaire version with the exception that the player deals a hand of 6 cards and may Discard and Draw 2 cards instead of just 1.

Be prepared for a challenging game!

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