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After playing the standard game, players may want to include some of these optional rules to change the game.

Less Panic

For an easier game, try playing with some of these rules:

Easier Battles

For younger players, or for a quicker game, try removing the following Monster tokens from the game:

  • Draw 4 Monsters
  • Orc Warlord
  • Troll Mage
  • Plague! Swordsmen
  • Plague! Knights
  • 1 Green Monsters Move
  • 1 Red Monsters Move
  • 1 Blue Monsters Move
  • 3 Giant Boulders

All For One!

Play 1 Archer, Knight, and Swordsman card of the same color to slay 1 Monster anywhere in that colored arc (except the Forest or Castle ring) instead of merely hitting it.

Heroic Powers

Hero cards can now hit 1 Monster in the Castle ring of their color as well as the Archer, Knight, and Swordsman rings for 1 point of damage.

More Panic

So, players think the game's too easy? Try playing with some of these rules for more of a challenge:

A Man's Home Is His Castle

At the start of the game, each player chooses 1 Tower as his or her own. Play continues as normal, but if a player's Tower is destroyed, that player is out of the game.

Dwindling Resources

Each time the Castle Deck is shuffled, remove 1 Brick and 1 Mortar card and discard them from the game.

Under Construction

Set up the game as usual, but do not put any Walls on the board. Players start the game with no Walls in play. Better get busy building . ..

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