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Set off as a lone cartographer to explore the Kingdom of Nalos. In solo mode, you attempt to earn a prestigious title from Queen Gimnax at the end of your journey! Gameplay has the following changes:

Changes to Setup

Do not write a title on your map sheet. This is where you'll record the title appointed to you by Queen Gimnax at the end of the game.

Changes to Ambushes

When an ambush card is revealed, examine the grid in the upper right corner of the card to see which corner of the map is shown.

On your map sheet, starting in the corner indicated by the ambush card, and proceeding along the edge of the map in the direction indicated by the arrow, attempt to legally draw the monster shape without flipping or rotating it.

If you cannot legally draw the monster shape anywhere along the edge of the map, move one space in from the edge and attempt it again, starting in the same corner and proceeding in the same direction.

Repeat this process, moving one space further in from the edge of the map each time, until you are able to legally draw the monster shape or confirm that it cannot be legally drawn. If the shape cannot be legally drawn, disregard the ambush card.

Changes to Scoring

After determining your score, total the numbers in the lower corners of the four scoring cards in play.

Then subtract that total from your score to find your rating.

Queen Gimnax awards you a title based on the highest rating that you met or surpassed.

  • 30+: Legendary Cartographer
  • 20: Master Mapsmith
  • 10: Journeyman Topographer
  • 0: Apprentice Surveyor
  • -5: Amateur Assessor
  • -10: Inept Assistant
  • -20: Dimwitted Doodler
  • -30: Oblivious Inkdrinker

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