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To play any God card, you must also give up an offering. If you don't have an offering then you can't play a God card. Place used God cards face up onto a discard pile next to the draw pile and used offerings back into the general supply.

If the God card draw pile runs out, shuffle the discard pile and use it, face down, as a new draw pile.

Important: You may play two God cards of the same color, paying only one offering, for the ability to choose any God

The Gods:

Blue God

If you play a Blue God (only possible in Phase A), then you can add a die to an action tile even if its value is the same as or greater than the lowest die value on that tile.

Note: You must use one Blue God cardper die. Thus, if anyone wants to play an equal or greater value die later in the round, they must also play a Blue God card. White or Red Gods may also be played.

White God

If you play a White God (only possible in Phase A), then you can add a die to an action tile as if its value was 6. Do not change the die's value to 6, it remains as it was!

Red God

You may only play a Red God (in Phases A or B) when expanding, i.e. when placing a hut onto a new region's building space. The Red God allows you to score the fish tile adjacent to the new region, i.e. to score as many victory points as indicated by the fish tile.

Important: The fish tile remains in place after scoring so that it is available to the other players.

Note: Players can play no more than one Red God per region, and thus can score each fish tile at most once.

Example: Anna plays a Blue God (and makes an offering) to be able to place a 3-die on the "water path" action tile, which already shows a die with a 1. Additi- onally she plays a White God (and makes another offering) to be able to use the 3 as a 6, i.e. allowing her to expand over a water path with a value of 6, and places a new hut in the new region.

Finally she plays a Red God (and makes a third offering) to score 5 victory points for the fish tile adjacent to the new hut.

Green God

If you play a Green God (only possible in Phase B), then you can do one of the following:


Double the effect of the man or woman type you are currently using. If you are using multiple identical man (or woman) tiles, double the total amount, i.e. after taking into account the effect of multiple tiles. (Note: multiple actions are still not possible).

Example 1: Cleo has two woman tiles that will score her 4 victory points when activated together. By using the Green God, she can double this to 8 victory points.

Example 2: Ben is able to build at most a 3-value building tile. By using a Green God, he can build a 4, 5 or 6 value building tile (but not a second 3-value building tile).


Activate a second, different, man or woman type.

Example: Don uses his two woman tiles together to expand via a 4-value land path. He then uses a man tile that allows him to take one God card. He picks a Green God card that he immediately plays (after paying the requisite offering). He decides to activate another of his women tiles, and chooses one that lets him take one man tile from the game board.

For clarity: You can play at most one Green God in Phase B and use it to either double the effect of one man/ woman action or use one additional man/woman action.

Yellow God

If you play one Yellow God (only possible in Phase C), then you can replace exactly one of a task tile's requirements.

If, for example, the task tile requires 3 wood, then you can use a Yellow God to need only 2 wood. Or, if huts in 9 regions are required, then you can use a Yellow God to need huts in only 8 regions.

Using a Yellow God to help with a task tile means that you only score 4 victory points for that tile (instead of 6).

Note: At the end of the game, when players complete their three remaining task tiles, you may use one Yellow God per tile, thus allowing you use up to three total cards. You must pay one offering for each.

God Tile

God tiles can be used in place of any God card of your choice. When used, return the God tile to the game box. You do not need to give up an offering to use a God tile.

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