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Rating: 7.4 Good
Difficulty:Very easy
Players: 2-5 players
Playing time: 30-40 minutes

Official Site: Blockers on Eggrules

Created by: Kory Heath, Fast Forward Design, Pixel Productions Inc.

Published by: AMIGO Spiel + Freizeit GmbH, Arclight, Bard Centrum Gier

Alternate Names: Uptown, ジョイント・ブロッカーズ!, 大爆格, 摩登夜總會


The goal is to have the fewest number of groups of tiles on the board at the end of the game.

The players take turns placing one of their five tiles on a 9x9 grid and then draw another tile to replace it. There are three tiles which each player can place on each space: a letter, a number, or the item which represents the 3x3 sector of the board the space is in.

If another player has placed a tile it may be captured by playing a legal tile in its place, only if removing the tile doesn't break a group of tiles belonging to the player into more than one group. If players tie for the fewest number of groups at the end of the game, then the winner is the one who captured the fewest opponents' tiles.

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Japan Boardgame Prize U-more Award Nominee 2013
Deutscher Lernspielpreis "9 years and up" Winner 2012
Spiel des Jahres Recommended 2011
Deutscher Lernspielpreis "9 years and up" Nominee 2011

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  • 1 Game Board
  • 5 Tile Racks
  • 140 Tiles (28 of each color)
  • Instructions


Place the board in the center of the table. Each player should take all of the tiles of one color and a tile rack . Place all of your tiles face down in a pile in front of you and mix them thoroughly.

Draw five tiles and put them on your rack so that only you can see them. Randomly choose a player to take the first turn. Play then proceeds clockwise around the table. …


  • 50 Victory Cards
  • 20 Border Cards (Silver/Grey Backs)
  • 48 Hand Cards
  • 5 Kicker Cards-


(see the following illustration)

Shuffle the full deck of Victory Cards, and deal out 16 of them face-up in a 4x4 grid.

Place the 20 Border Cards around the grid (as shown in the illustration below). The Border Cards divide the grid into rows (marked by the letters A-D), columns (marked by the numbers 1-4), and corner regions (marked by Spades, Clubs, Diamonds, and Hearts).

Each row, column, and region contains four Victory Cards at the beginning of the game. …

For the Basic two-player game, each player uses one tile color and plays according to the rules outlined above.

For the Advanced two-player game, each player uses two tile colors and two racks, each containing five tiles of one color.

You should keep your two sets of tiles separate. On your turn, you may play a tile of either color.

You may capture one of your opponent's tiles as normal, as long as you don't split a group into multiple groups. …

Blockers! is a simple game to learn, and yet there are many strategies to try.

You have two goals: to end up with as few groups as possible on the board, and to avoid capturing too many tiles of the same color. How you choose to balance these two goals determines your personal style of play.

For instance, you may choose to focus on having as few groups as possible at the end of the game. This leads to an Aggressive style of play, because you will need to relentlessly block and attack your opponents in order to accomplish your goal. …

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