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The card value indicates the strength of the animal.

Strength 12: The Lion

... considers itself the only true number 1:

If the played lion doesn't encounter a member of the same species, it scares off all monkeys onto the THAT'S IT card. Then it positions itself ahead of all the other animals.

If there is already a lion in the Jostling area, the newly played lion lands on the THAT'S IT card.

Example 5: THAT'S IT for the two monkeys! The lion positions itself directly at Heaven's Gate.

Example 6: There's already another lion! The new arrival immediately lands on the THAT'S IT card!

Strength 11: The Hippo

...thick-skinned, tramples everything aside that tries to get out of the way:

A hippo pushes toward the front of the line in the direct- ion of the gate. However, it is not able to pass a member of its own species, stronger animals (lions) or zebras (see "The zebra").

The hippo carries out its action "recurringly" - on every subsequent turn of each player.

Example 7: The hippo passes all animals except for the lion.

Example 8: A kangaroo jumps over two hippos. The two hippos promptly pass the kangaroo again, since they execute a "recurring" action.

Strength 10: The Crocodile

... likes to eat its way through the line at the expense of other animals

a crocodile eats all weaker animals that are placed in front of it. If it encounters a stronger animal or zebra while eating, the crocodile immediately stops. Eaten animals are discarded on the THAT'S IT card.

The crocodile carries out its action "recurringly" - on every subsequent turn of each player.

Example 9: The crocodile eats all weaker animals that are standing in line in front of it - with the exception of the kangaroo. The (stronger) lion cannot be passed by the crocodile.

Example 10: A not particularly smart kangaroo jumps over a parrot and a crocodile. The crocodile immediately eats the kangaroo, since the crocodile carries out its action "recurringly". The parrot is not affected since it is sitting further down the line than the crocodile.

Strength 9: The Snake

...loves order - simply because it likes long lines:

A snake has the effect that all animals in the Jostling area are immediately sorted by strength: Place the strongest animal next to Heaven's Gate. The other animals are positioned behind it, according to their strength. Members of the same species don't change the order among them.

Example 11: The green snake makes for order: Now the strongest animal is sitting next to the gate - the hippo. The already laid-out blue snake remains in front of the (new) green one. Since the parrot has the lowest card value, it is the last in line.

Strength 8: The Giraffe

... smugly strides over smaller animals:

A giraffe passes one weaker animal that stands directly in front of it in line. If the- re is no weaker animal there, the giraffe stays where it is.

The giraffe carries out its action "recurringly" - on every subsequent turn of each player. Giraffes may jump over only one animal per turn (see examples 2 and 3).

Strength 7: The Zebra

... considers its stripes as a great braking signal:

Zebras are "recurringly" active. Their action is that they can never be passed by hippos and not be passed or eaten by crocodiles. Consequently, all animals that are in line in front of a zebra are always protected from being passed by hippos or eaten by crocodiles.

Example 12: Here, all displayed animals are weaker than the played crocodile. Nevertheless, the yellow parrot and the giraffe are spared, since the crocodile can't get around the zebra. The crocodile eats only the red parrot.

Example 13: If a kangaroo jumps over a hippo and a zebra, the hippo is blocked by the zebra. In this situation, in spite of its "recurring" passing action, the hippo cannot get around the zebra - and consequently, not around the kangaroo either.

Strength 6: The Seal

.... simply makes a new entrance:

A played seal swaps Heaven's Gate and the Exclusion card.

Please keep in mind: If, through its action, the seal (not protected by a zebra) gets to lie in front of crocodiles and/or hippos, it is eaten/passed.

Example 14: The seal swaps Heaven's Gate and the Exclusion card. Now the hippo moves past it. The crocodile can't get around the zebra so it can't eat the seal.

Strength 5: The Chameleon

... masquerades as a different animal:

The chameleon carries out the action of a species that is present in the Jostling area. For this action (only), the chameleon also takes on the strength of the imitated species.

But as soon as the "recurring" animal actions are carried out (even on the same turn), the chameleon goes back to being a chameleon with a strength value of 5.

Example 15: In this situation, it's not smart to use the chameleon as a hippo: After passing the crocodile - acting as a hippo with the strength value 11 - it would be eaten by the crocodile since it would now be a chameleon with the strength value 5 again.

Strength 4: The Monkey

... is, together with his mates, obnoxious:

A single monkey in line has no effect.

If an additional monkey (beyond the first) gets into the Jostling area, this band of monkeys shoos all waiting hippos and crocodiles onto the THAT'S IT card.

Then the just-played monkey pushes its way past all the other animals to Heaven's Gate, gather- ing its monkey mates that have been waiting in line directly behind it - now in reverse order.

Example 16: The just-played red monkey passes all the other animals since there are other monkeys present. The blue monkey and the yellow monkey move up to positions 2 and 3, reversing their previous order in the waiting line.

Example 17: The chameleon is played as a monkey. Since there is already a monkey on display, it chases away the crocodile and the hippo, and passes all the other animals, taking its monkey mate with it (see the monkey's animal action). If another monkey is played after that, the displayed chameleon is no longer a monkey mate, but simply a chameleon again.

Strength 3: The Kangaroo

... is always a big leap ahead:

A kangaroo jumps over the last or (at the player's discretion) the last two animals in line. The strength of the jumped-over animals doesn't play a role in this.

Example 18: The kangaroo jumps over the crocodile and the zebra - and, thanks to the zebra, is safe from the crocodile.

Strength 2: The Parrot

.... annoys all . snitches on everyone . disparages many . chases away any:

A parrot shoos an animal of your choice out of the Jostling area onto the THAT'S IT card.

Example 19: The parrot chases away an animal of the player's choice. The player chooses the zebra (see illustra- tion above). After that, the crocodile eats the monkeys.

Strength 1: The Skunk

... has a strong smell and finds this swell:

A skunk expels all animals of the two strongest currently display- ed species - but never other skunks. The expelled animals are put on the THAT'S IT card.

Example 20: The skunk expels the two crocodiles and the hippo.

Please keep in mind: If a chameleon is played as a skunk, it remains a skunk (with a card value of 1) until the two strongest species (if present) have been chased away.

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