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The addictive word game enjoyed by millions just got WILDER! Included are 6 WILDTILES, putting a spin on the original BANANAGRAMS game. Ready to go BANANAS?


  • 150 Tiles
  • 6 Wild Tiles
  • Portable Case
  • Instructions


  1. Place all 150 tiles face down (including the WILDTILES) in the center of the table. These tiles are the bunch.

  2. Each player takes the correct number of tiles from the bunch.

    • 2-4 players takes 21 tiles
    • 5-6 players takes 15 tiles
    • 7-8 players takes 11 tiles

Object of the Game

Be the first to use all of your letters in a word grid.

Game Play

Now The Game Begins!

  1. Any player calls out, "Split!" and all the players turn their own tiles face up and form their own crossword grid.

    Don't monkey around - speed counts!

    Words may be horizontal or vertical, reading left to right or top to bottom. Players do not take turns. Opponents work on their own grids at the same time in a race to the finish!

    Players may rearrange their own words as often as they'd like.

    If a player has a WILDTILE, this tile can be used as any letter the player chooses. Like all other tiles, WlLDTlLES must be used as part of a word.

    Each WILDTILE can only represent one letter at a time when placed in a player's word grid. If a player rearranges their grid the WILDTILE may be changed to a new letter.

  2. When a player has used all of their tiles in a word grid, that player calls out, "Peel!" and takes a tile from the bunch.

    At this point ALL OF THE OTHER PLAYERS MUST ALSO TAKE A TILE from the bunch and add it to their own grid.

  3. Any time during the game, a player may discard an unwanted tile facedown to the bunch, but they MUST TAKE THREE TILES IN RETURN. They must call out, "Dump!" when doing so. There is no limit to the number of times players can dump. This exchange does not affect the other players.

  4. Play continues until there are fewer tiles in the bunch than there are players.

End of the Game

The first player to use ALL their tiles in a connected word grid shouts, "BANANAS!" and wins that hand to become the TOP BANANA! At the end of the hand, players must announce what letter(s) each WILDTILE represents so that the other players can inspect the winning hand.

If any word in the winning grid is found to be unacceptable, that player becomes the Rotten Banana and is out of that hand. They must return all their tiles face down to the bunch and the game resumes for the remaining players until a new Top Banana wins the hand.

Letter Breakdown For Bananagrams Wlldtlles

A=13, B=3, C=3, D=6, E=18, F=3, G=4, H=3,1=12, J=2, K=2, L=5, M=3, N=8, 0=11, P=3, Q=2, R=9, S=6, T=9, U=6, V=3, W=3, X=2, Y=3, Z=2, 6 WlLDTlLES.

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